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videobox iphoneVideoBox by LiveMixing, Inc. is a video app that gives access to popular video sharing sites and allows users to watch, download and share videos with friends. VideoBox features a search function, email and also allows users to push video from their computer to their phone. The app is free and is ad supported.

It appears the primary sources of videos on VideoBox are YouTube and Vimeo. For that reason, it only surpasses the default Youtube app for having one additional video source, but the search function returns relevent results from both sources and is likely based primarily on popularity and use. The navigation and video viewing is similar to YouTube, with the exception of the slightly obtrusive ads towards the bottom of the screen.

Some of the advantages of VideoBox include the ability to download a video from the internet to your phone for later viewing. This could be especially useful if you are somewhere with no internet connection. The reliability of this function is sketchy at this point as I attempted to download two videos to my video box, both of which failed over a Wi-Fi connection. The email function is simple to find, but it doesn't integrate with your address book and requires you to enter the recipient's entire email address from memory.

For a free app, VideoBox does a good job of searching out and playing back video. Those who enjoy using YouTube to search and watch video can at least enjoy a second source all in one place. Though strangely lacking the ability to share with Facebook or Twitter, the email sharing works as promised so long as you can remember what address to use. In short, VideoBox is a decent enough mobile application for watching and sharing user-created and viral videos and it's free to download.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    Get Free Video Search and Sharing with VideoBox: AppCraverVideoBox features a search function, email and also allo...

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    Thanks, I'm loving this app.