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Videohunters for iPad offers a good solution for those who want a more intuitive interface for browsing YouTube videos.

It offers a customizable platform with many flexible options for curating content from one's YouTube account. The videos are presented in horizontal rows that can be slid across the screen. The rows can be customized into content channels, referred to as themes in Videohunters for iPad.

Power YouTube users will probably appreciate the additional search and customization options available. Those who just casually browse through online videos may find some of the choices overwhelming.

The themes, which are then saved as rows that can easily be scrolled through. For those who really like to break things down, the themes then be further curated to create sub-themes among the choies.

If the ultra-customization is excessive, at least the interface should ease some of the pain. In fact it is the strongest feature of Videohunters for iPad. A user can easily scroll through numerous videos by scrolling vertically through the different rows or horizontally to explore the content in each one. The APP Company, which developed Videohunters, has a decent selection of how-to videos for those who want some advice on customizing the viewing channels.

The playback was good over 3G and Wi-Fi, although at times Videohunters did appear to load slower than the native YouTube app. Also, the app initially has dozens of themes already in place, which can get in the way if the pre-selected topics don't correspond to the user's interests. Fortunately, they can be re-tooled or eliminated when customizing the interface for a user's needs.

In all, Videohunters for iPad does a good job of offering a more pleasant method for browsing YouTube videos. Users may appreciate  how it eliminates some of the clutter from the YouTube interface, allowing to just focus on fast browsing of the seemingly unending video choices.

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  • Peter Babiy

    Its actually a really great app.I recommend it to anyone else. I found it to be a bit slower than native Youtube app just like you pointed out, Derek, but all in all, I enjoy the user experience n the layout much more!