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Developer: Nice Labs, llc.
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If you've every worked with video, you know that it can be quite cumbersome to capture, edit and then output something worth keeping. Sure, capturing isn't too hard, just open your video camera app, push record and voila. However, editing is another story and until recently hasn't had too many options available that were quick and easy to use. Enter Vidify, the simplest moviemaking tool for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Available on the App Store, Vidify was created by Los Angeles-based developer Nice Labs. The app transformers the time consuming process of editing videos into an easy and fun, three step process that just about anyone can utilize to make sweet videos with interesting effects and filters to enhance their videos. 

And you'll be happy to know that this app comes from good genes... Emmy-Award Winning artist, animator, director and art director Gil Nevo (“South Park”), director, editor, producer, and visual effects supervisor Ian Noe (Academy-Award Winning feature film “Crash”), and Ryan Umlas, a veteran software engineer who brings more than 15 years of experience from positions with Capital Group and E! Entertainment.

After opening the app, the new film director can select multiple videos from their device and then choose theme music from a library of licensed songs by independent bands and artists, or from their iTunes music library. From there, the user only needs to enable the automatic "Vidify" process and in less than a minute will see a very cool montage of said video. It can be used for vacations, weddings, family events, baby's first steps, or just about anything.

It's kind of insane how quickly the process works. As a professional photographer and amateur videographer, editing takes me hours. Of course, I'm producing for people who are paying me so my videos need a bit more hands-on editing, but what Vidify is able to produce is extraordinary. For users who do want a bit more control, they can pop over to the advanced settings to set the length of their final video to the length of the selected song, select the edit speed and trim video clips to a desired length.

Beyond its amazingly awesome editing capabilities, it also features the the necessary social features such as sharing instantly with friends, family or colleagues on Facebook, YouTube or by email. The app is also integrated with Apple TV. These social features along with its simple-to-use editing feature makes Vidify an easy recommendation. Vidify is the easiest moviemaking tool I've ever used.

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  • joe ravn

    Looks good. I've been using Splice, which is pretty decent.

  • Dick Jordan

    Bought the app and wish I could get a refund.


    Didn't seem to be able to find all of the videos in my phone's Camera Roll.

    Instead of making a copy of the video I selected before editing, the app apparently used the original, making changes that I could not undo.

    No way to edit the resulting video once you've finished Vidifying it.

    The selection of licensed music only contained 7 songs. What a joke!

    This app should be pulled from the iTunes App store. It is basically worthless.