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Vinum Index - The Italian Wine Guide
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Vinum Index The Italian Wine GuideEver stand in the wine aisle of the local supermarket or spirits retailer and stare in wonder or become paralyzed by the overwhelming selection? Whether you’re looking for a gift or simply want to try something new, unless you’re an expert it’s hard to know which bottle is the best. Naturally there are apps to help with wine selection, but when it comes to Italian wine, Vinum Index – The Italian Wine Guide is likely the most comprehensive and complete guide to Italian wine and wine makers available.

Unlike some wine guides that offer pairing or serving suggestions, Vinum Index – The Italian Wine Guide is a veritable catalogue of the best Italian wines, ranked by quality, price and availability. Grades are assigned based on average grades of the last two and ten years, with full color images of those with the best overall combined ratios. With comprehensive information about each wine – from the grapes used to the bottling method – Vinum Index essentially provides users with everything they could ever want to know about Italian wines (and even a few things you might not have thought to know).

As the name implies, Vinum Index – The Italian Wine Guide is designed exclusively as a guide to Italian vino only. Though this may feel like a limitation to some, the point is to provide a very comprehensive guide to wines from this particular region and Vinum Index does a thorough job and includes over 3000 wines. The interface is fairly user-friendly, but does require some familiarity. Once you become acquainted with the layout, it becomes apparent that wine selections can be narrowed down by red, white, sweet, sparkling, rose, and liquorous by tapping the filter button and turning preferences on or off. Further filtering can be done by region, appellation and price range.

Though a photo guide would seem useful, not every single wine listed in the Vinum Index Italian Wine Guide has a bottle image. Only those that have been deemed to have the best quality/availability/pricing ratios have photos, but this specification still leaves plenty of quality bottle images to peruse. And after all if it’s not a readily available vintage, odds are you don’t really need to know what it looks like.

While Vinum Index – The Italian Wine Guide is a thorough app, it is mostly designed for those who have some knowledge of wine and are looking to expand their knowledge – specifically knowledge of Italian wines. However, the Vinum Index would also serve novices well by helping them find and select great wines for gifts. The complete index is a bit pricey at $6.00, but a scaled down guide is available for free. There is no Internet connection required for accessing the guide, which means it is an ideal companion for Italian wine selections regardless of location. Anyone interested in the most comprehensive guide to Italian wines available for iPhone should definitely check out the Vinum Index.

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  • lizsen

    I love exploring types of wines and this is something which I really liked. A perfect app that provides a complete information about the wine. Dedicated to all the wine lovers :)