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visible vote mobile appAre your government leaders paying attention to you? They should be – and now you can pay more attention to them with Visible Vote Mobile. Visible Vote gives you quick access to your representatives in Washington, shows their real-time approval rating based on other users, and shows you how they are voting on the issues that matter to you. Anyone with a political conscience will see the value in Visible Vote Mobile.

If you have ever thought of expressing your opinion on an important issue to your representative, but by the time you got home to your computer to look up a contact number or email address, had all but forgotten, then Visible Vote Mobile is a must have. With a simple tap of a button, you can call or email your state senator or representative and tell them your opinion.

Visible Vote Mobile also gives you access to the bills in congress as well as links to news and to view the bill in its entirety. If you don’t have the time or interest for reading all the details, you can scroll down and read the highlights. Then simply cast your own vote in favor of or against the bill, as well as your importance rating of said bill, and the information is forwarded to your representative.

With Visible Vote Mobile you can keep track of how your representative voted in accordance with your own position, making it blatantly obvious if you and your elected officials are on the same page. Want to tell your representative why something is important to you or why you’re watching his or her voting record on specific issues, simply tap their vote summary and you are given the option to call their office directly. Rather send an email? Tap the “write legislator” icon across the bottom.

In addition to compiling useful information such as user approval ratings and voting records, Visible Vote lets you follow comments by other users on specific bills, as well as specific legislators. If you want to follow officials from other states and not just your own, tap the settings icon to quickly subscribe or unsubscribe to selected lenses. Additionally, having quick access to the bills either before congress now, or the ones that have recently passed, provides a wealth of information in an easy to use format that will bring you up to speed when the political bug bites. The only thing that would make Visible Vote a better app is the inclusion of local officials and state issues.

Visible Vote Mobile is both intuitive and user friendly and provides a great way to stay on top of the job performance of your elected officials in Washington. Compare your opinions to others and gain some political insight anywhere, anytime.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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