Visiting Macworld: What's on my iPhone?


Like many Apple, Mac and iPhone enthusiasts, AppCraver is visiting Macworld this week. In addition to packing clothes, business cards and a whole bag of technology I had the unique experience of "packing" my iPhone as well. Sound odd? Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I hit the magic number 148 apps. The brick wall at the end of Appy Road. For those that don't know, 148 is the total number of apps an iPhone or iPod touch can have at any one time. You can own more apps, but only 148 can be physically present on your device — 9 pages with 16 apps each, plus four on the main bar.

So I set about deleting apps, making the kind of hard decisions that had to be made to find the delicate balance of productivity and recreation, weighing usefulness and utility. OK, I deleted a bunch of apps that I rarely used and called it a day.

I made some room and still had plenty of apps for my daily routine. However, in preparation for Macworld, I realized I might need a few extra apps — a few specialized apps for managing all my new contacts, something to handle to twitter feeds, something to play on the airplane. So, I cleared some more space and reloaded a handful of apps of previously removed apps and downloaded a few new ones for the trip.

So, What's on my iPhone? Here's my list of apps for Macworld:

iMacworld — created by Macworld for Macworld, this app has a list of vendors, maps and a conference calendar. It's a must-have for the event.

WordPress — For blogging on the go, the WordPress app from automatic is timesaver. I wouldn't want to write using the iPhone's tiny keyboard all day. But for small Macworld updates, this is the only way to go. It's much easier than lugging around a laptop all day.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — It's always great to have something to read while waiting in the airport terminal. This ebook is exceptionally well laid out. The developer hired a real typographer for the visuals and it shows. It's easy to read and a pleasure to look at. Also, the book has a decidedly "Apple" feel to it and uses the touch screen to let readers flip pages. It's a feature that's been done before, but it's still a nice touch.

BeamMe and Handshake — why stand around typing contact info into a tiny screen or fumble around for a business card, when I can simply "beam" my contact info to another iPhone user. We've talked about these apps before on AppCraver, but even though the technology is cool, it's of limited use to me. Macworld is the perfect chance to really put these apps to good use.

Urbanspoon — True, this app's a keeper that stays around all year long. It still deserves a mention because it's a great way to find good eats while traveling. Looking for chinese food, Urbanspoon suggests Sam Wo's. How did this app know how much I love Sam Wo's? My family always ate there as a kid! Of course, I didn't know the address because it's been years since I've been there. Thanks, Urbanspoon.

Twitterfon — I admit, I'm a newbie when it comes to twitter. However, with all my favorite websites offering twittercasts of their Macworld experiences, I can't resist any longer. Of all the twitter apps we've talked about here on AppCraver, Twitterfon wins space on my iPhone because of the ability to query the twitterverse. Now, I can not only follow the websites I love, I can find more Macworld tweets as well.

Twitter Trend — as long as I'm here to geek out, I might as well go all the way. Twitter Trend allows me to see what's hot in the twitterverse as well as emerging trends. It's cool because I can browse anonymously and read messages on "hot topics" without making the commitment to follow.

iPump Office Stretch — After a day of travel, this is just what I needed to stretch it out and wind down after reaching the hotel room.

I already had a few games loaded — Rolando, Space Monkey and Tiki Towers — so my iPhone was packed and ready to go. Luckily, if I forgot anything I can always download it from the app store.

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