To Call Vocalia a One-Trick Pony is an Insult to Ponies Everywhere

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Developer: Creaceed SPRL
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vocalia iphoneYou might be tempted to refer to Vocalia, a voice-recognition app from Creaceed, as a one-trick pony, but why insult the poor little pony who has never done you any wrong?

The idea behind Vocalia is that with a modicum of training, you can pull up the contact info of anyone on your contact list by speaking his or her name. Mind you, Vocalia doesn't actually dial the phone. It merely opens a person's contact info. The rest is up to you.

Even with training, you won't always get the person you want. If I say, "Joe the Nose," I might get the name of my bookie, as I intended. However, the next time I say "Joe the Nose," I might get the name of the librarian  I've been stalking. Between misses, I can shake the phone and try again, which is a big whoop.

The fact that you really can't count on Vocalia, is bad. The fact that it won't make the call for you even when it works as intended, is worse. The fact you have to pay $7.99 for Vocalia, is tantamount to having someone steal your lunch money and kick your pony.

Save your money and go with one several free or dirt-cheap voice dialers at the App Store. AppCraver suggests taking a spin with Say Who, the voice dialer we reviewed last week.

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  • rxCaptain

    Seems like this voice recognition technology is being used by almost everyone in the iphone app industry these days!

  • MaxxineStamos

    this one is very innaccurate. I've had it for a few days and it works half the time

  • Darren3311

    What a terrible deal. Thanks, AppCraver, for giving it such a low score. This just reassures me I'm on a quality website who isn't afraid to show their nuts!

  • wunderkind

    None of these things work well enough for real use.