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Voice Changer
Developer: Hurryforward Ltd
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voice changer iphoneInterested in a voice changing application for your iPhone? Voice Changer by Hurryforward Ltd. is a plausible option for just .99. Featuring 18 different sound effects including helium, robot, megaphone, and reverse, Voice Changer utilizes a basic recording function and then lets users apply any of the different sound settings to the recording.

Voice Changer also features the ability to edit sounds by adjusting pitch, rate, tempo and gain, as well as apply and adjust echo and chorus effects. Sound effects applied to the recordings can be saved and shared by email as a sound file or ringtone. Beyond this meager bit of entertainment that might be amusing to a point, it is pretty difficult to figure out any other uses for Voice Changer as creating a voice mail message or using it with the phone function appears unlikely.

A few of the Voice Changer effects don’t differ a great deal from one another; for instance, cave and canyon can be made to sound almost identical and the human effects man-to-woman and vice versa don’t sound even remotely realistic. A few, like helium, mouse, and reverse, do lend an air of humor to the whole process, so for .99 you can at least play around a bit and have some fun.

If you’re particularly creative and can find other uses for voice changing beyond drunken hilarity or middle school amusement, then Voice Changer is ideal. The limited selection of voice effects is kind of disappointing, but there’s still enough substance to make it an okay bargain for the price. You can also download the trial version, Voice Changer Lite, for free.

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