Speak Your Mind and Your Mail with Voice4Mail


voice4mail iphone appVoice4Mail - Speak Your Mail by Helixys is currently listed in the top 25 free apps under “productivity” in the App Store and we decided to find out if Voice4Mail is worthy of its ranking.

In short, Voice4Mail is a voice recording app that allows you to record up to a two-minute message and then send via email. The recipients of your Voice4Mail message do not have to have an iPhone and are not required to download any 3rd party product to hear the message. This is because Voice4Mail uses its own voice and mail server.

Though the concept of sending a voice message may not be revolutionary, Voice4Mail makes it easy for iPhone users to do. You do have to register with Voice4Mail in order to send more than the initial 3 trial messages it offers, however inconvenient creating yet another account for something might be, registration is quick and painless.

Their privacy policy appears on the up and up as well. Once you’ve registered your email and selected a password for Voice4Mail you’re good to go and it does save it to your phone so you don’t have to continually enter it. You will receive a voice message email from Voice4Mail once your account is successfully created.

Voice4Mail is relatively user friendly with a pretty obvious interface, even though slightly cluttered in appearance. It allows users to adjust microphone sensitivity, though each message tested here with Voice4Mail came through clear with just the default setting. Though it appears some users have experienced some real problems with stability, that wasn't issue here. No crashes with the initial 3 trial messages or any of the messages sent after registering.

Voice4Mail messages are fairly easy to manage. Recipients with iPhones and Voice4Mail installed can receive voice messages to mail or directly to the inbox within the Voice4Mail app. Recipients who do not have Voice4Mail or iPhones can still receive the messages in their regular email and can reply to the message as normal. While it would be a challenge to test Voice4Mail on recipients with every type of smart phone, Sprint’s Mogle had no problems receiving messages and neither did other iPhone users who didn’t have the app installed.

If you have ever just wanted to say what was on your mind rather than type if out to save time, or if you just want to send a more personalized message, then Voice4Mail will do the job. Users get delivery confirmation so you know your message was heard and you can save received messages as mp3 files. The only real downside is the 2-minute recording limit and the registration requirement, but there are certainly unique situations where it may come in handy to have and for free, what is there to lose?

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