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voicecalc iphone appTalking calculators, like what you get with  VoiceCalc, aren’t new—I remember owning one in the mid-80s—but this is the first voice calculator app that I’ve looked at for the iPhone and iPod touch.

What’s really different about VoiceCalc, at least compared to my now ancient gizmo, is that instead of using computerized speech to say aloud numbers, functions and the like, VoiceCalc uses voice clips that are realistic, more crisp and British.

VoiceCalc’s interface is colorful and well rendered. The buttons are a generous size and the results of your calculations are displayed in type large enough for a bat to see in broad daylight.

The memory in VoiceCalc, from developer Steve Greenley, by the way, is persistent, meaning that you can resume calculating from wherever you stopped when you last closed the app. One nifty feature: You can record your own voice to use instead of the one belonging to the Brit who lives inside your iPhone. Tap the icon in the upper left corner, followed by a couple of button taps where indicated, and start recording each number (one at a time).

That function operates as any recording app does: Hold the Record button and speak. You’ll see a bright red light when you start speaking and when you let go of the Record button, VoiceCalc will repeat what you've said for confirmation. The developer says the recording level is kept low to help minimize extraneous noise, so you should remember to hold the microphone close your mouth as you speak.

The iPhone microphone is at the bottom right. You probably already know that, but I figured I’d mention it just in case. You can playback to check your recording and reset the recording for each number individually or all the numbers at the same time.

Pretty simple stuff. Not that you’ll need it, but there’s comprehensive help if you just don’t get it. VoiceCalc works off the bat with the iPhone, which has a built-in mic. For the iPod touch, you’ll have to plug one in.

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