Simulate a Shuttle Launch with VoiceCount

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voicecount iphoneVoiceCount by Solnet Solutions Ltd. is a countdown timer for your iPhone or iPod touch (2nd generation only). There’s not a lot to say in regards to an explanation of what VoiceCount does. It is a countdown timer that talks to you. So long as the application is open, a British male voice audibly counts down various intervals as assigned by the user. For instance if you set your timer for 10 minutes, you can assign an announcement of each passing minute.

I have seen and even reviewed other countdown timers and if I had to pick a favorite then my favorite by far is Flipdown, but it doesn’t talk. You know what they say though: “Silence is golden.” Yet VoiceCount is not really about silence.

In addition to the monotone man with an accent to match the GPS turn-by-turn lady, VoiceCount also has a selection of sound effects to assign to the end of the countdown. The sound bits are your standard fair — foghorn, scream, alarm, explosion — but you can select and assign them along with other configurations from your main menu settings.

While I get that it might be fun for someone to run VoiceCount to count down the last few minutes of the work day so everyone can hear “T -5 minutes and counting,” I can’t see this being an app that would get that much attention. VoiceCount’s primary drawback is that it has to be open to hear it, so the sound part is only useful if you happen to remember to open it just before the close of your assigned countdown. However, VoiceCount does continue counting even if you close the app and upon returning to it, Countdown Man immediately announces the time remaining.

There is something amusing about the final ten seconds of a countdown with VoiceCount if you set the program to announce the final ten seconds. It reminds one of a shuttle launch, and immature as it sounds, those final ten seconds set to an explosion finale are amusing the first few times you do it. After a few times of playing with different sounds though, you’re kind of over it.

If you have need for a countdown timer to keep track of something in your day, VoiceCount will do that. To set the time, you choose hours, minutes, and seconds on a scroll wheel. The timer only goes up to 24 hours. Just remember if you want to hear that final countdown, you’ll need to remember to launch VoiceCount first.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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