Make Your Voice Sound Crazy in Real Time with Voicemod

voicemod - The real time voice changer (AppStore Link)
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voicemod - The real time voice changer
Developer: 2taptap S.C.
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voicemod for iOSThere are plenty of voice modification apps in the App Store, but voicemod for iOS comes with a unique twist. Rather than recording the user’s voice in advance, then altering the recording after the fact, voicemod makes your voice sound crazy in real time. Just plug in the headphones, select the filter, and start talking. If your headphone volume is sufficiently loud, it will block out your voice. The effect is that it really feels like you’re Darth Vader, or a robot, or an idiot.

That last one is really one of the filters: the idiot setting adds a confusing delay and reverb effect, so that as you speak it’s hard to keep track of what you’re saying. You’ll wind up tripping all over your words like, you guessed it, a total moron. But arguably anyone caught talking to themselves while swiping randomly at their iPhone will look a little bit like an idiot.

That finger-swiping action is another one of the nice touches in voicemod. Drag your finger across the screen for a voice modulator effect that works, again, in real time. This means you can alter the pitch of your voice for some of the default settings. Other voices, like Darth Vader (called “Dark Father” for, I imagine, copyright reasons) have other uses for the touch screen. In this case, it makes a light-saber sound effect.

While the main attraction here is the real-time voice modification, voicemod gets extra mileage out of its crazy voices by allowing the user to record and share messages. This feature really couldn’t be easier to use. After hitting the record button and waiting through the three-second countdown, you’re ready to record for as long as you’d like. Afterward, there’s a share button for exporting to Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail.

That share feature is a great example of the care and attention to detail that went into designing voicemod. The share menu pops up from the bottom of the screen, and looks just like the native iOS multitasking menu, complete with snazzy icons for Facebook and Twitter. The separate voices are illustrated with little cartoon characters, and the modulation effect is visually represented as glowing blue light on a rubberized background texture. Everything about this app is sleek and intuitive.

In fact, it’s hard to find any fault with voicemod’s execution. It’d be nice to use the external speaker of the iDevice, and it’d be nice if there were more voices and a way to export the recording as a ringtone, but the developer has already promised that these features are on the way. They’ve thought of everything.

Put another way, if you have any use for a voice modification app, you’re not going to do better than voicemod. This is, hands down, the best. The real question is, who would get a kick out of voicemod? Adults would probably tire quickly of making their voices sound all crazy-- it’s uncommon to find working professionals standing around taking drags from helium-filled balloons. Kids and young teens, on the other hand, will likely lose their minds with delight.

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    Make Your Voice Sound Crazy in Real Time with Voicemod

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