VooDude Does Korny


voodude iphone during game playVooDude - I'm a petty person. If one could say I get a thrill from winning, it'd be with ease that one could go a step further and say that revenge actually brings me a perverse pleasure. As such, I reveled in the opportunity to exact revenge via Aspyr Media's VooDude application.

VooDude takes the archetypal voodoo doll and places him in a cement solitary confinement cell for the user to torture. VooDude borrowed from the Marilyn Manson eye boutique, with one small button and one large for his wild looking eyes, and his stitched up mouth looks as if it could easily open wide into a growling rap-metal song. All he needs are dreadlocks and black eyeliner. The key to overcoming VooDude's silly look and making him feel like a more authentic object of your "effect"-tion is to upload a photo from your photo library to personalize the dude.

An iPod touch user, such as myself, is at a slight disadvantage without a camera in the device, but has the capability to upload a face from their saved photos. It's also possible to take a screen shot from any website to manipulate it to VooDude, just save the screenshot to your photo library and go from there.

While the concept is amusing and campy, it is difficult to get as engrossed in the fun of VooDude as one might hope to. It seems as if the dude's cube is actually a hole, since the tilt of the iPod sends him to the bottom with ease, but he can be suspended with a tilt and lies to either the left or right hand side with little effort. Raggedy Androgynous just sort of flops about while you torture him, making it difficult to see what the user is actually inflicting, but at least the realism in the motions are admirable. Though it does grow tiresome to have to almost chase the little bugger. In particular when a flame is taken to him, he wiggles quite a bit and doesn't seem to suffer ongoing damage, which is what I would prefer to see.

The iPhone screen erupts into a fake crack after particularly intense torture sometimes, seemingly one of the only serious effects of our torture. He tends to yip, bark and  squeal from application of the torture devices, but when a baby crying noise emitted from his seam mouth, it was a bit disturbing and kind of deflated my fun. Pins can be another issue, only six are distributed. Upon moving from aggravated assault of the little guy's knees to his mouth, it becomes apparent that the pins down below are now being utilized to cover the damage up top.  Suffice to say, there are limitations.

But if a VooDude app was flawlessly executed and brought to fruition by an authentic voodoo shaman, it'd seem like an extraordinary waste of time and effort, wouldn't it? So, for what it is, VooDude is an odd app that's good for a quick laugh, if not much else.

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