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The folks over at KillerStartups published a blurb about extolling the virtues of sites that help users search through and discover new iPhone apps.

KillerStartups is a user-driven community out to find "the next big thing" on the Internet — success stories like YouTube, Facebook and Kayak. And, we're so pleased to be recognized as an up-and-coming source for iPhone app reviews and industry news.

Those fortunate enough to have an iPhone are certainly spoilt for choice. But, if you sit down and think about it, such a preponderance of apps is not necessarily a positive thing — unless you have some sort of resource for weighing them up, and comparing and contrasting their virtues. That is exactly what this site intends to do, by including reviews of as many apps as possible. 


Any person who is weighing up which iPhone app will be the perfect one for him can make better-informed decisions through a site such as this one.

Of course, you already know where to go for the best iPhone apps, because you already read AppCraver. Early adopters unite! Show your AppCraver love and head over to KillerStartUps and vote for as a KillerStartup. You don't even have to sign up or login.


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