WackyLands Green is Three Great Games in One

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WackyLands Green
Developer: Joel Lander
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What do a surfer dude, a hippo and a bunch of cows have in common? When you play WackyLands Green, it is your job to save them all. WacklyLands Green from Fair Play Labs is three games in one app.

In Surfer’s Nightmare, you shoot fish at hungry sharks to keep them from eating a surfer. The second game, Hop Hippo Hop, involves steering a hippo down a river to scoop up gifts for his hippo girlfriend-to-be. In Off with the UFO, you save cows from being beamed up to alien spaceships. You can play in regular mode or accept survival challenges like the surfer must survive 45 seconds or you have to save 40 cows without getting sucked into a spaceship. You can earn trophies and medals, and compare your high scores with others online. 

WackyLands Green is creative and entertaining. The graphics are well-designed, and playing the games is a flawless and satisfying experience. Cute Saturday-morning-like cartoons before and after each game give you the backstory and the epilogue to some of the games’ characters (you can skip these cartoons if you like). Instructions are available at the beginning of each game if you need them.

Though feeding sharks, steering a hippo and saving cows may not seem elegant, WackyLands Green is a sophisticated app that utilizes the iPhone’s multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities. Adults and children alike will enjoy playing the games. Children will love the cartoons and the childish music, although WacklyLands Green will prove to be difficult for kids under age 7 or 8.

When you are buying WackyLands Green, you are essentially spending 33 cents on each game. Three great games for a dollar? WackyLands Green is a bargain. This entertaining app will keep you and your kids occupied for hours.

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  • eoy4

    Cool game! I have it and it's very fun. It's great to have both "local" highscores and online leaderboards so you can see how much aliens' butt you really kick! XD Yeah, the UFO game is my favorite. But the others are very cool and entertaining as well. Anyway, for (just) under 1 buck, it's definitely one app to get for your iPod/Phone.

  • http://twitter.com/orlandocr/status/1787032653 Orlando Sánchez M.

    WackyLands Green is Three Great Games in One. Review here: http://bit.ly/g3fY5 RT @machaves

  • http://twitter.com/paulfervoy/status/1796620113 Paul Fervoy

    RT @Avantica: RT @orlandocr: WackyLands Green is Three Great Games in One. Review here: http://bit.ly/g3fY5 RT @machaves