Walmart Busts Out the iPhone at Last


walmart iphoneWell, the rumors have been confirmed: Walmart is about to bust the much-talked about decision to sell the iPhone in its stores starting December 28.

According to an official-looking letter distributed to Walmart employees, a pilot program begins today, that will allow up to five employees in 488 stores the opportunity to buy their very own iPhones, just so long as they don't talk about it under NDA.

The terms of the pilot program are:

  • Only employee-associates may participate
  • Each Walmart will hold a raffle to determine who gets one of the five phones
  • Employee-associates must buy a full, 2-year contract with AT&T

The bouncing, yellow head thing won't be slashing prices on the cost of the phone: The 8GB will sell for $197 and the 16GB will sell for $297. However, employee-associates get a 15 percent break on AT&T contracts through Walmart's employee benefits plan.

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