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Wallet Pro (password manager)
Developer: Memengo, Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

screenshot from wallet password protection for iphoneWallet Pro aims to solve one of the biggest concerns I have about using my iPhone: As much as I would like to have Web logins, credit card numbers and similarly crucial information on hand, I worry what might happen should I lose my iPhone.

Because of that, I won't store on my iPhone information that I can’t afford to lose. Trust me, you should think the same way.

However, my iPhone has some information stored on it that I'd like to protect such as my social net logins, frequent flyer accounts and the Web site where I order my monthly colon cleanser under an assumed name.

Wallet Pro, from Memengo, is great for doing that kind of stuff. Wallet Pro stores your login IDs, passwords, credit card numbers and more using 256-bit encryption, which is said to be uncrackable by spies and supercomputers.

Your vital data is stored in “wallets,” and each wallet contains folders and cards, and they contain the info you use to access accounts and so on. You can assign one of three levels of security to each wallet’s contents. There are several ready-made templates you can use for cards, which saves time entering and organizing your info. With Wallet Pro you can also store links and phone numbers and access them with a single tap.

One feature I particularly like: I can backup my data — encrypted — on a Memengo server. Not even the company can get a look at my semi-sensitive stuff.

Tapping the arrow in the bottom-left corner takes you to the Online Backup screen, where you can create a Memengo account or use your existing account. You can use your online account to set up and organize your wallets, and synch them with your handheld.

I’ve looked at several of password managers and Wallet Pro would be one of my top picks if I needed a password manager.

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  • http://twitter.com/sullydoug/status/1812734778 Doug Sullivan

    Wallet Pro Excels as a Password Manager http://tinyurl.com/qvafak from @iNewsApp

  • http://help.memengo.com Denis

    Hi, I am Denis one of the authors of the Memengo Wallet app.
    I would like add that if you have any questions please visit our forums - we read and answer frequently. We also answer all support emails with a return address.

    Please, enjoy our app.

    Michael, thanks for profiling us! If you need a copy or two of our app for review don't hesitate to ask.

  • iphoneuser77

    Personally I don't trust sending my data to a company website. I don't know, may be it's just me but... I don't know its just that I prefer to keep my personal information at my premises. For the sake of your review, I found a new password manager for the iPhone that provides a free backup/restore application. Right for free! And it works on both Mac and Windows computers. Amazing. I think those guys have just raised the bar. The name of the app is iAccounts, it's on the AppStore, check out the company website for video and infos. I purchased it and I am very very very happy with it. Wi-fi backup just rocks! Check it out.

  • http://www.memengo.com Denis

    Peace of mind is certainly more important than convenience, so Memengo Wallet may not be for everyone.

    However I would be also vary of free apps - what is their motive to continue making it? Are they making a profit some other way, and what is that way?

  • DrReliability

    I agreed with iphoneuser77 that I would not want my information to be stored on another website despite the fact that it is supposed to be encrypted (I can never know). The best way is to be able to sync it back to my person PC either via wifi or network connection. I wondered what's the reason for not doing so?
    From the review, I would have considered the apps had there been a way to sync back to my PC and be able to edit the information there. Think about managing all of those on the IPone or IPod touch, it is a good device for retrieving information when I need them, but it is not a good thing to use for editing and entering all those info.

  • http://www.memengo.com Denis

    >>I wondered what’s the reason for not doing so?

    There are many:

    1st, I am worried about a situation when I travel somewhere and I lose my phone or it gets stolen. My PC is left back at home and if all my data was there I would be stuck. I probably wouldn't want to use an internet cafe computer casually to access my password storage, but at least if I am really desperately stuck I have a choice now.

    2nd, I personally use web site about 10x more than the iPhone app - it's more handy in day-to day live. And so I want it to be accessible from any computer - work, home, trusted friends etc.

    3rd - the website gets backed up every 30 minutes to a very secure location. I my home is burglarized or burns down I will likely lose both my iPhone and the computer. If you have discipline to backup your PC off-site every week this may not be a problem for you.

    That said, there are tons of apps that already have desktop editing capabilities so you may want to look into them. Just make sure you do it for the right reason: if you don't trust one developer to encrypt the data as they say, why do you trust that another developer doesn't also send your data to himself? In other words, if trustworthiness of the developer is your primary concern you should make choice based on that, not based on the advertised features.

    For it's worth, I have a couple of cents to contribute about that as well:

    Apple does serious identity checks for all developers. If that's not enough, your best bet is probably to see how long the company in question has been in business. Memengo has been on the app store since opening a year and a half ago, but there are also other companies that have been known before the iPhone, for a while longer.

  • http://help.memengo.com/forum/c-66567/general Denis

    By the way, thanks for voicing your concerns - I prefer a discussion to silence any day, and I may even learn a few things from you guys. :-)

    If you want to hang out with other users feel free to visit our forums on http://help.memengo.com/forum/c-66567/general - it's easier to grab my attention over there as well.

  • Azmi

    Excellent App! I needed to have a way to store my passwords etc on line so that I don't have to worry about losing the iphone and secondly that I can add passwords on line and sync back to the iphone (beats entering long passwords on the iphone)

    If trust of the developer is an issue there are ways to address that. Use their encryption and then use your own personal password codes to record them behind the encryption.

    Storing back-ups on your PC or MAC is just as dangerous; how do you know if someone's keylogging app didn't record you while you recorded your password on your PC? It is a false sense of security in my humble opinion.

    I do have some advice for Memengo; somehow your marketing point person has to figure out a way to address the concerns of these potential customers who feel more secure in recording their passwords on their PCs but not on your website.....

    This app has made my life a lot easier! Kudos to Memengo


  • jim

    I have used the wallet pro app for the iphone and the website for data entry for about 2 yrs and love it. I have tons of data about customers / setup notes for installations stored there and could not work without it now. I do most of the data entry on the web site and just lookup data on my iphone most of the time. I agree with the author: a free app that does not store your info on their server ( you are told ) could easily store your data to a server behind the scenes and the user would never know it!!