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Freestyle Baseball
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Wannabat for iPhoneBaseball was one of my favorite sports to play growing up. Then I grew up and with no scholarship in sight, I took to watching it from the stands and the couch. I've also taken to playing baseball games on consoles, but have never been a big fan of them as they're too detailed and take too much time. That's why I was pleased to try out Wannabat, which after a few how-to screens lets you jump right in and play ball.

Wannabat reminds me of NBA JAM in that there are fewer players and the game is setup with special powers. Instead of "You're on Fire," you get crazy-style pitching powers such as the twister. This makes for some interesting and powerful gameplay. The game rules are simple and are about the same as real baseball. Three strikes and you're out, three outs and you switch from hitting to pitching, etc. The only difference is that there are areas for first, second and third base. And if you barely hit the ball and it lands too close to you it's a foul. Four fouls and you're out. The point is to rack up experience and gold so you can use them to upgrade your bat, hitting, pitching and learn new skills such as a slider while pitching. 

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As for controls, pitching is simple while hitting is not so simple. It took me quite a bit of practice to learn how to hit the ball properly. I had several strikes before I even hit a foul. It was a bit frustrating. However, once I figured out that it's all about placement (duh), then I was able to crack a few hits and score some points.

While hitting took a while to get used to, pitching was very straightforward. Drag your finger from left to right and wait for the screen to dial into where your pitch will be thrown and once it's locked in, let go and voila. However, if you hold the pitch too long you'll "miss" and lose power and accuracy, thus making it easier for the hitter to knock one out of the park.

Overall, I'd have to say that Wannabat is a very well designed app that is fun for fans and non-fans of baseball. It's more of an arcade style game and that bodes well for interesting and exciting gameplay that will keep you coming back for more.

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