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Developer: Portegno SA
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Wanted - Users that like to play with their cell phone pics have no shortage of options for customizing pics on the iPhone. Whether you like melting faces ala Photoshop's liquefy tool or creating photo collages, there's a little something for everyone in the App Store.

The folks that created cartoonizeme for adding comic faces, props and frames to photos have another entertaining app called Wanted that turns your iPhone pics into sepia-toned wanted posters. You can customize the name, reward amount, and add western-style props to any photo in your library. Nothing good in your library? You can also choose to take a new photo and start with that instead.

Wanted is extremely easy to use. Your first choice is whether to take a photo or choose something from your photo library. This is also the only chance you have to turn off the music. The western-themed soundtrack is a nice touch, but if you prefer to work in silence, then tap the sound toggle off now. Turning off the music also turns off the gunshot sounds that replace the standard "click" sound of tapping the buttons.

Once you have a pic to work with you can get started with the customization. Wanted allows you to choose your text for the poster. Tapping title, reward, status or name will bring up a keyboard so that you can enter your own witty text.

Next edit your image. Tap "Customize Picture" to resize your photo and add props. You can add a hat, gun, mustache or sheriff's badge — or go for "ultimate authenticity" and add them all. The prop choices are slightly limited, but the developers of Wanted promise future updates will bring new surprises.

In most cases, Wanted worked perfectly. It had a few stutters when choosing to take a photo. In some cases, not all, the app would crash after taking a photo. Happily when I opened it back up, Wanted had saved my photo and it was waiting for me to customize.

Wanted is a fun way to play with your pics and, at a $0.99, a whole lot cheaper than those photos from the county fair!

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