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Warfare Incorporated
Developer: Spiffcode, Inc.
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warfare incorporated iphone appMost of the games that have made their appearance on the iPhone have been of the speedy, arcade-style variety. Not so with Warfare Incorporated. The port of the popular game for the PC and other platforms is an excellent option for those who want a longer, in-depth experience for their iPhone or iPod Touch. The developers deserve credit for nicely adopting the interface for the touch screen.

Keep in mind what you are getting with this game. Warfare Incorporated is not the typical finger-tapping, swiping, or shaking type of game that populates the App Store. Warfare Incorporated is something you will spend quite a while with and come back to time and again as you move through your missions. This game of warfare is one of the better examples of how the iPhone is maturing toward being a true gaming platform. It is not quite a PSP or Nintendo DS, but there are some positives to be found in offerings such as Warfare Incorporated.

The premise is that you are waging futuristic corporate war in a race to make the most money on other planets. You must build an operation of mining vehicles, soldiers, storage units, and other equipment to be both self-sustaining and fend off attacks from other companies. There are a variety of missions that grow in complexity over the life of the game. Controlling Warfare Incorporated worked surprisingly well. For example, you use two fingers to create a box that highlights a large number of your characters to send them elsewhere on the map. A solid tap directs where your soldiers and vehicles go, while s soft movement across the screen lets you sift through the map. There is a bit of a learning curve, but by taking the time to learn the nuances you should pick up on how to make the game work to your advantage.

As the game progresses, you must use the money you earn from mining a substance known as Galaxite. This is used to build a larger set of buildings, vehicles, and weapons. The goal is to further the empire and take on other companies who are seeking to cut away at your profits. The only potential downside is Warfare Incorporated requires a lot of long passages of text using small fonts. But it is only a minor criticism given how good the gameplay actually is.

Warfare Incorporated is a perfect choice for those who enjoy strategy games. Sure, it might drain the battery, but Warfare Incorporated will be well worth it.

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  • GamePlayer

    This game is awesome! I've spent hours with it - it rocks.

  • http://www.zandog.com Zandog

    Definitely the deepest game on the apple iphone/touch platform. Plenty of the RTS fare that made Starcraft the staple and rule of thumb for all RTS games. Warfare Inc carries all of those elements to make anenriched and thought provoking gameplay experience with lots of replay value to boot. 9/10