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watchmen justice is coming iphone appThe iPhone game WATCHMEN: Justice Is Coming was timed for release with the Warner Bros movie, Watchmen. While the movie has been met with some halfway decent reviews, the app created by Last Legion Games has not been so well-received.

Deadlines can do that to you. You rush to get something done, and then hand it in before it is ready. Warner Bros official site for WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming has an apology on it regarding the current connectivity issues. Similar "not-quite-ready" issues plagued Warner's release of the Dark Knight iPhone app, although their other Batman title Gotham City Games did quite well.

So what exactly is the WATCHMEN game?

The major issue with WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming is that you have to be online to use it, and it is painfully slow. It crashed while loading the first three times I tried to use it. Once I got signed in, things went more smoothly, though still slow. Between fights and scenes, you have to wait while you connect to the server, a good minute or two each time, so long that my iPhone kept going to sleep. The graphics are fabulous, and while you are waiting, your screen pans the dark, rainy streets of New York City that you will be exploring during the game. The soundtrack is also stellar.

WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming is an interactive adventure app where you wander the doomsday streets and subways of NYC picking up costume parts that you find in dumpsters and chatting or fighting with others who are online playing the game. No one wanted to chat with me; they all wanted to kick my butt.

I played for two hours and found only two other people playing. I won most of my fights (I recommend using your shoulder to knock your opponent over) and even earned a new skill, kicking, but I could not figure out how to effectively add it to my profile so I was not able to use it.

The costume quest seems superfluous. According to my profile, I acquired 79 costume parts but other than allowing me to change my clothes a lot, they did not seem to have a function. I could choose between brown, black or white gloves, and fashion my jacket and shoes to match. Each time I re-entered a scene, my costume would be different from the one I had just chosen. No matter how many times I put a full shirt on, when I returned to the game I would be in one of those superhero bra-tops instead, and often wearing a skirt in place of the practical pants I had picked out. Trust me, I am way too old to be showing my belly.

WATCHMEN’s plot is also lacking. I never did figure out the story line or earn any story points. Supposedly there are informational story line moments in the game, but I was too busy fighting people to find them. Frankly, I am not sure what the point of the fighting was either. “Top-Knot” and “dddaaannn” never did anything to me, but it was my objective to follow them around and beat them up.

Video game geeks will appreciate the cutting-edge 3D graphics and the “cloud MMO” multiplayer technology. Everyone else should wait to buy WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming until the wrinkles are ironed out, particularly the connection issues.

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