Water Balloon Drop Hollywood is All About Mindless Fun

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

water balloon drop hollywood iphoneEver been to Hollywood? If not, what would be the first thing you’d want to do? Check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, or have a bite at the world-famous Pink’s Hot Dogs? Those quirky guys over at 3D Joe has given us all a clue into their ideas about what’s fun to do in Hollywood through their debut effort for the iPhone. Water Balloon Drop Hollywood is the name of their application, and you can probably guess what it's about.

In the role as troublemaker in Water Balloon Drop Hollywood, your job is to relentlessly drop water balloons on a bunch of outrageous characters from the rooftops of buildings spread across 8 main environments (6 rounds per environment). Progression is earned by hitting specific point thresholds obtained by nailing targets with your balloons. Before each round, you’ve given a brief on people to hit and people to avoid, so it’s not a full-on mindless romp by any stretch. On later environments, you’ll have to avoid aerial debris and flying creatures as those extras are introduced to ramp up the difficulty level.

Getting around in Water Balloon Drop Hollywood is fairly intuitive. Tilting the iPhone left and right moves your character that’s hanging out on top of buildings. A subtle shake of the iPhone drops a water balloon. Initially I had some mixed feelings over this mechanic for dropping balloons, but over time, it started to feel like second nature. Rounding off the controls, tapping the screen makes your virtual prankster duck to avoid trouble. With options to adjust sensitivity levels, I’m confident the controls will be a non-issue for the majority of players.

If I had to describe the look and feel that permeates Water Balloon Drop, it’d be similar to what you may have seen in the early 90’s MTV cartoon, Beavis and Butthead. Though it’s not a perfect match, Water Balloon Drop has a nonsensical and subversive style that is intentionally rough and a bit out of kilter. I totally dig it too! To supplement the funny sound effects in the game, you have the option to play music from your own iPod library as well.

I’ve got nothing but love for Water Balloon Drop Hollywood. If you’re a bit spoiled by the best games available on iPhone, you’ll probably take issue with the game’s repetition and lack of any online considerations. But for me, Water Balloon Drop Hollywood excels in the one area where it matters most, fun factor. 3D Joe’s first foray on the iPhone doesn’t wet the bed, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next product from these talented developers.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.3djoe.com Brian @ 3D Joe

    Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for the great review. We really appreciate it. I wanted to let you know a funny side story-- we had actual celebrity characters in the game but Apple declined the application because of some issue with making fun of celebrities. Apparently dropping water balloons on celebrities just doesn't cut it with them-- is that funny or what? So, our artist had to go in and change all the celebrity characters and make them unrecognizable. If you look closely you may be able to tell which ones were modified. :-)

    The online version (Flash) will be available this summer and WILL have celebrities in it. Sorry, Apple, but you can't control everything even though you try.

    Thanks again for the love, Shawn!

    3D Joe

  • Shawn Leonard

    No problem Brian, just calling it the way I see it.

    One question though, where did the name 3D Joe come from? There's gotta be a nice story behind that "interesting" name for a studio...

  • http://www.3djoe.com Brian @ 3D Joe

    Good question, Shawn!

    In 1996 we started the company with the goal of doing 3D work for corporate clients and we were located right next to a Trader Joe's store. At the time we wanted to be at the top of the search engines so over a beer (or two) we thought of the name 3D Joe. In 2000, we switched to more entertainment based projects and this year and we have a ton of new casual games coming out (not all with balloon themes, thank God!)

    That said, the water balloon games have been very popular for us. You can play our online version of Water Balloon Drop Hit 'n Strip here:


    It is safe to say that billions of balloons have been dropped since our first game water balloon drop game appeared on shockwave.com in 1998. It's still on the Shockwave site today.

    Happy balloon dropping!


  • Shawn Leonard

    Haha, that's pretty awesome.

    It's crazy though because I totally remember when Shockwave was the new hotness on my Netscape browser back in the day...

  • Tonya R

    when will we be able to play this game online?