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WaveDeck – Fast Video Walkie Talkie (AppStore Link)
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WaveDeck – Fast Video Walkie Talkie
Developer: Wavedeck Media Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

WaveDeck Voice Messenger for iOSWith the addition of Siri, I've learned to rely more on voice and less on text. The only problem I've had with Siri is that sometimes I have to tweak the speech-to-text results for whatever reason — noise, bad connection, who  knows. It pretty much defeats the purpose, especially when trying to not type while driving. WaveDeck Voice Messenger utilizes a simple voice recording system that enables you to send voice messages for free to other Wavedeck users at the touch of a button. No speech-to-text, just good old fashioned voice.

This is definitely a lot more useful for conveying tone, as written text just does not do "But here's my number, so call me, maybe?" justice when you're trying to sing it in a Jepsen-esque voice. Audio would be much better in this case. Of course, with my voice ... text might suffice.

Once you launch the WaveDeck Voice Messenger, you have to create an account. The signup process is a breeze and only requires your phone number for a verification code to be sent via SMS so you can unlock the app. To make the app fully integrated into your phone, you can also allow it to access your contacts list. This is done via a pop-up request. That's it, you're setup and ready to go. 

If you already have friends, colleagues or family using WavedDeck all you have to do is click the New Message button. One tip though, you need to hold the button until you're done — like using a walkie-talkie. This is actually a great feature so that you don't accidentally keep recording. Once you're done, send away and the receiving party is prompted when it arrives.

Another quick note if privacy is a high priority in your life. If you don't have headphones plugged in, your messages play automatically on speaker. However, lift to your ear and the message will be taken off speaker for private listening. From each message, you can check out your history, star your favorite or important messages for quick access, export the message as a .WAV file and email it as well as delete messages.

WaveDeck Voice Messenger is a fairly nifty and useful app. The only thing I'd like to see happen is that you'd be able to send the voice message to non WaveDeck users. Maybe the developers could add a bit of text saying "join WaveDeck now" or something to drive traffic back to the app. This is a minor issue as overall the app is very useful, especially while driving.

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  • http://twitter.com/Ownable Ownable

    Great Idea! I love the concepts that are used in this app. The only thing is that I wish I could send to people who do not have Wavedeck. 3.5/5 stars