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Weather Doodle
Developer: Tiny Mammal
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Weather DoodleTiny Mammal, the developers that created the “artful” weather app for iPhone and touch recently released an update that includes full iPad support. To celebrate, Weather Doodle is available in the App Store on all devices for the sale price of .99 until May 23. Also included in the update is the new art theme “Eurocarta,” styled after old world European maps.

Weather Doodle is a basic weather app designed to add visually pleasing elements to checking the weather. True enough the app reflects both current conditions and forecasted weather with animated art that is indeed pleasing. Weather conditions can be populated for both current locations and pre-selected locations. Powered by Weather Bug, Weather Doodle provides current temperatures, humidity levels and sky conditions as well as provides the five-day forecasted highs and lows.

Since the premise of Weather Doodle is to improve the aesthetics of the mundane task of checking weather, there is a simple balance between art style and weather information. Weather junkies who really like to focus on details like radar conditions or hourly forecasts are better off with Weather Bug Elite or a similar, more comprehensive weather app. However, the average person will definitely appreciate the visual appeal and easy to view weather info provided with Weather Doodle – especially if you like your weather to be “pretty.” After all, the art work and animation are leaps and bounds above the standard static graphics included with most weather apps.

Weather Doodle may not contain comprehensive weather details and while an hourly forecast may be beneficial to some, the absence of additional options won’t be noticeable to most users. You can also use Weather Doodle to check the weather conditions and forecast in other areas around the world by simply searching and saving a specific location. Weather Doodle also integrates social networking by allowing you to share weather conditions on Facebook.

While Weather Doodle is a nicer weather app than the one that comes preloaded on iPhone and iPad, the temporary price reduction from $1.99 to .99 only lasts a couple of more days, so now is the time to check it out. Even though it’s nice to have an attractive and practical weather app in your pocket, the iPad screen is the ideal landing spot to highlight the animated graphics. It’s worth noting that only one art style is included in the purchase and additional art styles (currently 2 other options) will cost an additional .99 each.

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