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WeightMeter - Track your weight daily (AppStore Link)
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WeightMeter - Track your weight daily
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weightmeterDo fitness apps for tracking diet, exercise, weight and calories really make a difference in your fitness goals? Pretty sure there’s no clear answer to that, but there are quite a few that provide some handy features and information suited to the purpose. If you’re searching for a way to merely monitor weight alone, whether over a period of weeks or months, then WeightMeter is just one of several apps that will make it an easy task.

WeightMeter is a simple weight tracking app that provides quick entry of both morning and evening weights and then provides a chart view of weight over time. You can also set a goal weight and view tracked weight in comparison to the target weight. If so desired, you can share this info with your personal trainer, physician, nutritionist, running buddies or the world via Facebook, Twitter, email or text message.

WeightMeter is designed to be exclusively a weight tracking app; so there are no features for tracking diet, calories or exercise. Thus, if you are looking for an all-in-one or multiple options, opt for a different app such as LoseIt, Calorie Counter* or Livestrong’s Calorie Tracker. However, if you’re just looking to track and monitor your weight with no regard to calories, nutrition or exercise, then WeightMeter is ideal for situations like monitoring pregnancy weight gain, doing P90X or just buffing up to the next wrestling weight class.

While the basic purpose of WeightMeter is to track and chart weight over time, there are a few features that could be used for more personalized fitness plans. Both photos and notes can be attached to each day’s weight log by simply tapping a button, so you could log what you ate, your workout routine, etc. through manual entry of notes. The attachment of pictures to the day’s weight log is an available, but albeit perplexing one. Though supposing you wanted to log the actual physical process of weight loss or gain over time, it could be telling and maybe inspirational. Fortunately, regardless of how you choose to use WeightMeter, there is a password protection option to hide your entries and photos from prying eyes.

As a practical and simple to use weight tracker, WeightMeter has ideal interface and capabilities. The entry of weight is quick and simple and can be done in Imperial or metric measurements, reminders can be set to alert you to record entries and target weight and date can be changed as needed and the chart view will adjust accordingly. All in all, WeightMeter is a straight forward weight tracker app that is more than sufficient for its purpose.

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