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This app is not currently available in the App Store.
WFN Fishing Log

WFN Fishing Log will document the trip for you

If you love to fish, and you have an iPhone, you’re likely already obsessed with WFN Fishing Log. On the off chance that you’re not, this is the new app on offer from, the online community/compendium of all things fishing-related. WFN Fishing Log aims to be a one-stop fisherman’s log book, with tools to help a fishing trip along, from the planning phase to the post-trip bragging.

When the app is started, the splash screen will display the four basic functions of the app: My Trips, My Albums, My Maps, and Tools. My Trips is where you store all the data of a trip, sort of like a personal diary. The formatting is taken care of, so all the user has to do is upload photos, write notes, document the fish caught, and put down other useful data for future reference. The app design is very polished and streamlined-- location, for example, can be selected by using the built-in GPS.

The My Albums and My Apps sections of the app are derived from data entered in My Trips. This makes it easy to just browse through photos or find specific coordinates, without necessarily having to relive every last detail. The Tools section, on the other hand, is loaded with unique features, sort of like a catch-all for everything that wouldn’t fit elsewhere. This section has a thorough checklist for trip planning, broken down into sections like gear, accessories, and first aid. The checklist can be modified and checked-off, just like a to-do app. It’s a nice touch. The Tools section also has an alarm that can either work on its own, or as a pre-set reminder for items in the checklist. Finally, there’s a section where you can enter contests from the WorldFishingNetwork website.

WFN Fishing Log also has a nice look and feel to it. The backgrounds look sort of like weathered parchment, and the navigation bars resemble brown leather. It’s just what you would imagine a fishing log to look like, especially if you have an old-timey, romanticized view of fishing. And who doesn’t?

Of course, as with any new app, there’s room for improvement. It would be nice if the app were to auto-fill weather conditions by cross-referencing the GPS coordinates with online weather databases, like Weather Underground. It would also be nice if the app would accept video uploads, in addition to still photos. All the same, these features are not essential. For what it is, this app is easily worth the price. WFN Fishing Log is recommended for any and all fishing enthusiasts.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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