Whack ‘em All in Spazzle Classic, Slammin' Critter-Crushing Fun

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Spazzle Classic
Developer: Fairlady Media, Inc.
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whack 'em all iphoneWhack ‘em All iPhone app by Fairlady Media takes a page from those arcade games you’ve played using a mallet to whack the little creatures as they pop up out of their holes. Whack 'em All nails it right on the little critters heads. Pun intended.

Whack ‘em All is a nine-level, fast-paced game. Your goal during each of the 30-second levels is to whack the critters as they poke up from their garden holes by tapping the screen or shaking the phone. The menaces include moles, rabbits, and gophers and they are ripe for the whacking. But during your intense battle be sure not to whack the cats because that will cost you points. Score additional points, time and mallets by whacking multiple critters simultaneously or tapping the sapphire, ruby, diamond, clock, heart or mallet.

Whack ‘em All provides fairly detailed instructions and a tutorial so you should have no problem picking this game up quickly. There is also a choice of sounds effects and you may post your scores online.

My only issue with this game is minor. The background color of the garden closely resembles one of the critters making it difficult to see at times. Otherwise I have no complaints.

Fairlady Media seems to be dedicated to customer satisfaction According to the support section on their website: We monitor our usage statistics and are currently averaging 10,015.2 games played per day and 47 crashes per day. That means that 99.5% of our users never see a crash. If you are one of those that do, please send us an email (support@whackemall.com), thanks!

I’m aware that crashes can be a problem with any iPhone app and I’ve experienced a couple with other apps. But I’ve played this game an unbelievable amount of times and I’ve had no problems or need to contact support. I find it refreshing to have a company address the issue on their site. Yes, I know they aren’t the only company that does yet I still find it refreshing when one does.

Whack ‘em All comes in two versions free with advertising or buy the $0.99 version for ad-free whackin slammin fun.

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  • Barbara Holbrook

    This is totally on my new top 10 list of apps. I'm addicted to smashing the critters!