What Would Jesus Say?

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

What Would Jesus Say? for iPhoneNew app What Would Jesus Say? from Vertigo Games is just plain silly. The user is presented with a cartoon Jesus, who for some reason lacks pupils and appears to be wearing a bath robe.

In this version Jesus has been reduced to a speaking toy that talks on command. But instead of getting to have any choice in what you want to hear, there is simply a button that commands Jesus to speak. When tapping the question mark icon Jesus will say a paraphrase of one of the Biblical teachings. A link takes you to a site with the full text.

And that is about it. Despite its silliness there is some unrealized potential in What Would Jesus Say. The on-screen Jesus could have a repository of comments organized by topic. Or there could be sections of the Gospels broken up to help a reader access a particular part of the Bible. Unfortunately What Would Jesus Say does not take itself seriously enough to consider how this could benefit users. The gimmicky nature of the app won over any sensible attempt to develop an app that would be appreciated by users.

There is plenty of room in the App Store for religious apps. There are many apps that offer religious books and devotions for various faiths. But perhaps this is what the free choice available in the App Store is all about. Some want news and productivity tools, others want games, and apparently a lot want iFart. Those who want an iPhone that is grown up and not flatulent will probably not find much appealing in What Would Jesus Say.

It may not have been the developer's intention, but What Would Jesus Say? seem to only trivialize people's religious beliefs. If Jesus were invited to give his input on this app, he would probably counsel people to give their money to a worthier cause.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.crazymikesapps.com Michael Vallez

    Amen. I agree with you on that. Being an unashamed Christian it is too bad the developers at Vertigo Games did not make this for the Christian Market. I am not here to bash them, but there are a lot of Christians on the iTunes store looking for good content to spend their money on. Maybe in an update they could get this app placed under the lifestyle category and provide sincere Jesus advice from something other than a Simpsonesque cartoon. CM