Wheels on the Bus Tickles, While Your Toddler Does!

Wheels on the Bus (AppStore Link)
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Wheels on the Bus
Developer: Duck Duck Moose, Inc.
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A charming interactive book by duckduckmoose, Wheels on the Bus encourages you and your little one to "poke or slide things on the screen to see what happens!" The song, Wheels on the Bus narrates along with the images you and your child play with.

The ability to change song options is really neat, with a very impressive variety, including English in either a male or female voice, French, Spanish, Italian, German, violin, piano trio, cello, duet, kazoo, gibberish or the sound can be eliminated. You can explore recording your own voice — sing to your child, let your child singing alone or create a duet. Easy-to-find arrows in the bottom corners of the screen guide through the eight pages of Wheels on the Bus and a pointing hand cursor provides an example of how to engage the graphic.

On the first page, the wheels on the bus do, in fact, go round and round. Sliding the bus ignites its motion down the street, past a vibrant world with butterflies, trees, various road signs — including a sign warning of a chicken ahead followed by said giant chicken. The scenery loops pretty quickly but allows the user forward and backward motions through it.

The child can pet the screen to increase the bus' speed. The doors on the bus go open and shut in the next panel, a finger slides the bus doors open to reveal a very unenthusiastic looking pigeon, who comes to life with a giggle when you tickle his round belly.

On the third page, the driver on the bus says move on back and a tap to the cute bus driver's elbow makes her thumb hitch backward with authority. Her little blue bear, behind her, bounces with a poke, and a paper plane goes spiraling from a tap. An upside down chicken and the freckled bus driver look on as the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish, on page four, and the bus' headlights are personified to become eyes hypnotized by the windshield wipers which your child controls.

Next, the people on the bus go up and down. And the story goes on. Wheels on the Bus is a fun, visual game with extraordinarily accommodating audio options, Wheels on the Bus will certainly delight children and parents alike.

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