WhereIsMyTime - Time Never Stops but at Least You'll Know Where It Went


whereismytime iphoneWhere did all the time go? If you're like most people, you're bound to ask yourself that question more than a few times in a week. With Brainsoft Labs' WhereIsMyTime, you can keep a record of how you spend your time your day, week or month's activities. You can give your activities  descriptive tags so you can readily filter them and, whether or not you really want to know, see at a glance just how much time you've wasted.

The big idea is that if you can see how you spend your time, you can make adjustments to be more productive and organized.

Like similar time management applications, WhereIsMyTime requires some discipline to use. I'm too lazy to keep a record of the things I do everyday, and candidly, I tend to day dream quite a bit (I call it "creative brainstorming," because it makes me feel better than calling myself a "lazy bum"). Still, it's obvious that anyone with a busy schedule would find an app like this really useful.

WhereIsMyTime, like real time, never stops. There's no start or stop button because you're always doing something. You keep track of time, or time keeps track of you, when you switch from one task to another.

I didn't find WhereIsMyTime all that intuitive to use but it comes with clear instructions and a FAQ.

One feature that most people will find appealing is the ability to graphically display on a pie chart how you spend your time. If you create tags for eating, sleeping, watching TV and so on, you can quickly see what you've been up to.

When I tried the feature for the first few times, it worked without a hitch. Later, all that came up was a nearly blank screen with the partial outline of a pie chart and empty spaces where my tasks should have been. I reset the iPhone, deleted all my add-on apps except this one, and changed the number of tasks I  entered into WMT--all to no avail. Then a few minutes later, it worked. Now, I have no idea what caused it.

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  • DexMex77892

    Hahaw this is a riot. I know i will be surprised at where my time is being wasted and how much of it is really being used for usefulness.

  • rxCaptain

    I think everyone is going to b pleasantly surprised at how much time they waste

  • Brian.kappa

    Great for using on the job. Keeps you task oriented and focused on deadlines at hand!