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Where's Waldo?® in Hollywood (AppStore Link)
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Where's Waldo?® in Hollywood
Developer: Ludia
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Where's Waldo in Hollywood iPhoneFollowing up the success of the first Where’s Waldo? app, Ludio has released the sequel, Where’s Waldo in Hollywood. Seekers of the famous spectacled guy in the striped sweater will find familiar picture puzzles laden with hidden objects that put the eyes to the test. The follow up version features search scenes that are renderings of movie sets with themes paying tribute to the classic western, musicals, silent movies, and more.

Where’s Waldo in Hollywood is essentially the same as the first Where’s Waldo installment, but completely different in terms of search scenes. There are two modes to play – Story Mode and versus Odlaw. Story mode is the progressive seek and find that challenges players to find Waldo, his friends, and myriad hidden objects. Players can also play against Odlaw, Waldo’s classic nemesis, in a race to find hidden pictures. Earn stars and find special hidden characters to unlock additional scenes.

The search scenes in Where’s Waldo in Hollywood are classic Waldo. To be honest, it’s probably a requirement to be a Where’s Waldo? fan to really enjoy either version of the mobile seek and find game, but the Waldo images have their merit. The fact that scenes are not entirely static, meaning some of the characters are animated, makes it mildly entertaining on a different scale. Some of the objects are more challenging than others to find, but none of the scenes are too difficult. Unlike the first version, there’s no time limit imposed in the second.

Navigating each search scene is simple and a small grid displays at the top of the screen to help you keep your place as you search. Tapping on the hidden objects will reveal a tiny marker and remove the object from the find list. If you do need a hint, Waldo’s faithful dog Woof will give you a hint and you can earn more hints by progressing. The hint button doesn’t work consistently, so you may have to be persistent about it. For some, it may also take persistence to ignore Waldo’s optimistic yet annoying patronizing statements about how good you are at finding things. Of course, you might also find Waldo endearing.

If you are a fan of seek and finds, especially Waldo, then Where’s Waldo in Hollywood fits the bill of a much awaited sequel. The $1.99 purchase price for the iPhone version is advertised as an introductory price and though the starting theme song is epic enough, the game hardly warrants a higher price. If you happened to miss the first one, Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey is also being offered at a special price of .99.

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  • JohnnyQPublic

    Been a W's W fan since middle school, so this game brings back tons of not so comfortable memories...

    Anyways I see that they are bringing back some old school stuff as well as some new stuff like this one the Chupacabra game, http://bit.ly/chupcab Cheers!