White Letters is a Marriage of Tetris and Scrabble


white letters iphoneThis app, known as White Letters, has used two classic games and brought them together. The first game that White Letters mimics is Tetris. The letters drop from the top and you have to adjust it to the right spot before it reaches the letters on the bottom. The other game that this mimics, although less so, is Scrabble. Scrabble is a game where you have to put words together using the letters that you are given.

White Letters references the English dictionary when deciding whether to accept a word. Some of the words I "completed" were done without any planning — I didn't even know they were in the english dictionary. I guess it's a good thing White Letters will tell you when you get a word right. Once you complete a word it disappears, similar to Tetris where and line would disappear when completed. If two words are completed at the same time they both disappear, again similar to Tetris.  The bigger the word or the more words you create at once, the higher your score.

White Letters has a 5 star rating, but with only 3 reviews it does not seem to be a very popular game yet.

One problem that I had was accurately moving the letters to the appropriate spot. And, at $6.99, it's also a little pricey.

There is a White Letters Lite so users can test the game without the advanced options of the full version.

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  • DrAl

    This could be fun for increasing one's vocabulary too

  • DominoFect

    My wife plays these games all day long. Can't really get into them. Am I missing much??

  • rxCaptain

    Hey, what's with the leopard background? This app should be called 'sexy scrabble'!

  • http://www.freeonlinegames3.com/play-free-classic-arcade-games-online.html Classic Arcade Game Guru

    Mobile gaming has really brought back games from our past like tetris, pac-man, etc. I like this new trend of simple fun games.