Who is Hot?


"Who is Hot?” takes awkward silences to a new level.

The app basically takes your contact list and tells you where the source of the phone number originated and then grabs the current weather situation and puts that next to the contact name, phone number and city.

I purchased my cell plan in Wisconsin. So my phone number is from that area. If someone has me in their contact list, and they download “Who is hot?”, when they open up the app they can see what the weather is like in my area. But not where I live now (because my phone number is from my old area). The icon next to my name will be a cloud or sunny or rainy or whatever to indicate what the weather is like.

Pro: Amaze your friends - “Beautiful day outside, right Chuck?” Chuck will wonder how you always seem to know the weather conditions where he lives.

Con: Let’s say you make a mistake and dial someone whom you have no interest in talking to and they know that you have this application on your iPhone. You can’t fill the awkward silence with. “So, Terry, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?”

“Who is Hot?” is kind of interesting but it doesn’t really do anything special. I mean do you really care what the weather is like in Washington if you live in Denver? Are you going to use this contact list over your regular contact list? No me neither...

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