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Who Touched my Phone
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Who Touched my Phone for iOS 3Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that someone was snooping on your iPhone? If you have a paranoid feeling that someone is using your iOS device when you are not looking, then the developers at App & Joy have just the app for you. Who Touched my Phone is a spyware app that will discretely capture pictures of your iPhone intruder.

Who Touched my Phone installs into your device under the app name Watch It,  and doubles as a video player that shows the most viewed videos on Youtube. But, of course, that is not all the app does. Who Touched my Phone will also take pictures of anyone using your phone and let the you know the time and date it was used.

In order to use the Who Touched my Phone app you must arm the device and then silence and shut of your phone. When the intruder picks up your phone the Watch It app will be the first thing that appears and will immediately snap a few pictures of the culprit.

I tried out the Who Touched my Phone app, even though I already knew who was using my iPhone without permission, and was able to catch the iPhone snooper in my house red handed. I opened the app after leaving it on my table for a few hours and I found a bunch of pictures of my 14-month-old daughter's mouth, as she was trying to bite my phone.

Who Touched my Phone works like a charm and will capture the picture of any intruder snooping on your phone. There were two small issues I found with the app. The first is that if you forget to silence your phone, the instantly-recognizable "click" of the camera will give away the fact that you are monitoring for intruders. The second potential problem is that if you turn the app on but don't leave it open, it doesn't work. As might be expected, Who Touched My Phone can only take a photo of the intruder if they actually use the Watch It app.

The Who Touched my Phone app works on both the iPhone and iPad devices. It is a great app for anyone who wants to keep a closer tab on their iPhone or anyone looking to have a little fun with their friends and family (the pictures almost look like mug shots). Overall I recommend the Who Touched my Phone app.

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  • Guester

    Nice. I were lucky to find Who Touched My Phone for Android