Wi-Fi File Sharing Works, but Its Face is Glum

Wi-Fi File Sharing (AppStore Link)
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Wi-Fi File Sharing
Developer: Mark Lee
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wi-fi-file-sharing-iphone appCount Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 from Impact Financials, among the now dozen or so apps to reside on the App Store’s shelves. Like many of those apps., Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0, transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless hard drive, which can then be accessed over the same Wi-Fi network using a Web browser so that you can transfer files between your PC or Mac. If you desire, you can protect the shared drive with a password. Enter the address of your device and Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 will give you a URL to use on the Open File screen, accessible by tapping the icon in the upper right corner.

You’re able to view PDF, JPEG, DOC and all the other file formats Apple allows. You can create folders for them, delete them and so on and you also can slide switches for Wi-Fi HD options, startup options, iPhone HD and a few other options.

So far, there’s nothing to make Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 stand out that I can see. Many file transferring apps do the same thing at least as well or better. And unlike Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0, which costs $5.99, they’re cheaper. The hugely popular Air Sharing, from Avatron Software, costs $4.99. It supports Linux in addition to Mac and Pc.

One thing Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 does that I haven’t seen before is file compression. That may not be unique to this app—I just can’t think of any others off the top of my head.

I think the user interface of Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0 could be polished more. When you tap the icon for email from a doc, it pops up a menu for Open, Save As and Close All. If you tap “Open” you arrive at a screen named “Open File” that displays a list of folders and the option to switch from iPhone as hard drive to Wi-FI as hard drive. Tapping one of the arrows to the right of the iPhone HD/Wi-Fi HD buttons will open an on/off switch for one of them. Tapping the Wi-Fi HD button, pops up a screen where you can enter a user name and password.

I found a few other UI issues with Wi-Fi File Sharing 2.0’s interface, but the point is made. The app could be more intuitive, suffiice say. There is a pretty good tutorial online. To get to it you tap the Star icon in the lower right corner, go to the Options screen and tap “User Guide” in the upper right corner.

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