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Wifi Directory (Wireless Hotspots Finder)
Developer: Mike Shilinski
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

wifi-directory-hotspots-finder-iphoneWiFi Directory — You can never have too much Wi-Fi, which is what makes WiFi Directory (Wireless Hotspots Finder) as appealing to me as a medium-rare steak is to my dog Henry, who will eat anything other than dog food.

Whenever I’m out at the mall, a restaurant—anywhere—I check for Wi-Fi access whether or not I need it. You just never know when you might need to get on the Web.

Launch WiFi Directory and you’ll see right away a screen with a slider to adjust your search radius from under a mile to 50 miles and two buttons, one for finding nearby hotspots (within 10 miles) and the other to search for hotspots by Zip Code.

WiFi Directory works best with 3G iPhones, thanks to GPS, but it also works with cell tower triangulation. Within 11.4 miles of my location, my search returned more than 200 results, filtered by those closest to me. The search for Wi-Fi hotspots took maybe 20 seconds. Had I chosen a smaller search radius, my search would have been faster.

In results, I can quickly scan a list for free hotspots—my local library and a Starbucks, for instance—and a bunch of “ possibly free” hotspots—mostly hotels and restaurants.

I tapped the first item on the list, which happened to be my library, 1.15 miles from my house, with free Wi-Fi access, and opened a page of details: category, protocol used and an indication that access is free. I decided to enter that one into WiFi Directory’s Favorites list.

I also searched by Zip Code and turned up only three places close by (no surprise, I live in a small town). WiFi Directory uses a good-sized number pad to enter the Zip Code and I was pleasantly surprised to see that. Apps that require entering codes and other numbers that rely solely on a QWERTY keyboard aren’t fit for human consumption.

WiFi Directory, developed by Mike Shilinski, offers flexibility and potential to find a greater number of hotspots.

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  • http://www.cmoorecreations.com Cheri

    First of all, I LOVE this website! Since I discovered it a few weeks ago, I do NOT buy/get an app from itunes unless you guys have given it a good review! (I no longer trust the reviews on itunes anymore, especially since I heard that people are being paid to give fake positive reviews!) Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Lars Bergstrom's "WiFinder" app is no longer on itunes. According to his website http://www.lars.com/iPhone/ , itunes made him remove it..Really that's too bad because I had yet a chance to download it for myself :-0

  • http://twitter.com/iphonelite/status/1842729217 iPhone Lite

    #iphone WiFi Directory is a Cool Way to Find Hotspots http://tinyurl.com/r78pt8 http://ow.ly/7I43

  • http://Isecondthat-yourwwwisgreat Leonard Potter

    I'm tired of the bloated exaggerated PAID positive comments in regards to applications for the iTouch in the AppStore. I've gotten stung by some of them with stinkeroo games/applications. I find your reviews more accurate especially compared with some of the apps I already have. You were right on target.
    I also like the interviews with the developers. I can't believe you have over 200 pages and I'm only on page 20+. I do enjoy perusing your site. Thank You. And your saving me money,