WiFi Disk Simplifies Shuttling Files from Handheld to Desktop

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WiFi Disk
Developer: Headlight Software, Inc.
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

A few minutes after you take your iPhone or iPod touch out of the box and poke around, it will hit you: "Man, I need an easy way to transfer files." Take a look at WiFi Disk, from Headlight Software when you see the light. As the name would suggest, you need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to transfer files (that's typical).


WiFi Disk features commands to copy, move and manage your files in all the usual ways. You can also copy and resize images, which could come in handy. You can view .docs, PDFs and other formats the iPhone and iPod touch supports.

You can upload three files at a time to your mobile device using a Web browser. You also have the option of using FTP to drag and drop files from your handheld to your desktop and back. Go ahead and use an FTP client if you plan to create and manage folders and move files around often. It's easier and faster than doing it inside the WiFi Disk app.

When Magnetism Studios introduced FileMagnet in July, it was the only app in the file-transfer category to speak of. In September, along came Avatron's Air Sharing with better features such as disk sharing but at a higher price (it has since dropped to $4.99). Now, along comes WiFi Disk with features that combine attributes of the other two, also at $4.99. Other file transfer files recently have landed in the App Store and we'll try to get to them soon.

So, among FileMagnet, Air Sharing and WiFi Disk, which should you choose? They're all priced the same and they perform the main objective of moving files onto your iPhone equally well. What appeals to me most about WiFi Disk is being able to use FTP to easily drag and drop files back and forth between my handheld and desktop and to manage files and folders. You can't do that as readily with either of the other two apps.

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    Very useful, love it. Worth every penny!