WifiTrak Works Like a Geiger Counter for Wi-Fi Networks

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

wifitrak find free wifiWifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi), from Bitrino, is the equivalent of a Geiger Counter for people who are looking for nearby Wi-Fi networks and devices.

WifiTrak is a simple tool that searches for Wi-Fi nets and tests each for accessibility, whether the Wi-Fi network is open or secure, type of security it employs, whether it's visible or hidden, signal strength and channel. WifiTrak will also let you know if the net is being redirected.

When networks come into range, each will appear on a list with an icon adjacent to it, indicating its status (open, secure etc.). Tap any one of the networks on the list and you'll get a closer look at it: MAC address, channel strength, noise and type of authentication. You'll also see two buttons — one to connect and the other to forget (temporarily) the network.

You can put WifiTrak to work in a variety of ways: Automatically scan for Wi-Fi networks at preset intervals of 1 to 60 seconds,  or by signal strength and then automatically connect to one of the networks that passes your predetermined threshold. You can also choose to have the app audibly notify you, send an email or launch your browser when a Wi-Fi net is in proximity.

You have a few other options: show details (channel, strength etc.) of each net when it's displayed on a list; show the network name only and show the list of networks that you've chosen to forget. Forgotten networks are those you choose to ignore. They're not saved in preferences but "forgotten" for the session.

Setting WifiTrak to scan, notify you and the everything else draws on your battery so you probably won't want to set the app to scan automatically. The better thing to do is turn it on only when you need it.

WifiTrak (Find FREE WiFi) is streamlined and requires virtually no learning curve. It's a good tool to have when you're wandering around the mall, in a restaurant, or other public place where you might want to find an accessible network.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://truthseekernz.blogspot.com Steve Withers

    June 20 2009: At this time, Wifi Trak is effectively useless with iPhone 3.0. On startup, it says it can't initialise the wifi scanner. Not much can be done if the app can't see the wifi. Waiting for a fix......fingers crossed. I was on the latest version as of June 19th. Can't get the version right now because my iTouch is syncing and I bought a long movie.....so it's a long sync. :-)

  • Al Mak

    Same problem with WifiTrak 2.5 - the latest versino avaialabe as of June 23 and OS 3.0 - Error message 'Can't Initialize WiFI scanner. The app website says that ver 2.6 with the fix was submitted to Apple for review. So it's not yet available in the app store.

  • Ken S

    It is fixed in v2.6; on my phone's home page!

  • http://twitter.com/jamescridland/status/5806424893 James Cridland

    By the way: HIGHLY recommend WifiTrak for the iPhone or Touch; makes sniffing out wifi so much easier. http://muk.fm/6zi

  • tod


  • Steve Withers

    Apple removed all Wifi discovery apps from the Apple Store as undesirable. WifiTrak, Wifi-fofum and all the others are now gone.

    If you want apps like that you'd best buy an Android phone. I recommend "Wifi Tracker". It works great on my Android phone. I deserted Steve Job's walled garden...No crippled iPhone and censored Apple Store for me, thanks.

  • Steve Withers

    If you're looking for a good Android phone there are about 120 to choose from at time of writing. Probably double that number out by the end of 2010.

  • tyler

    Apple made a decision to remove all wifi scanners/sniffers/stumblers from the app store. Im not sure why.

  • Mark

    "Apple made a decision to remove all wifi scanners/sniffers/stumblers from the app store. Im not sure why."

    Because they are douches.

  • IhateJobs

    Jobs is absolutely the biggest jack@ss of all time. It would so make my day to wake up some morning soon and hear on the news that some disgruntled employee took him out. What goes around comes around, Stevo! Keep acting like the nazi jerk you are and someone eventually is going to catch up with you. Now don't take this the wrong way, I am certainly not making any threats here at all. But I can sure root for the eventual!

  • xbox

    Feel the same about EBAY and Paypal..

  • Jim

    Maybe Bitrino could put a download on their website. Apple just said we couldn't get it at the App store.