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Wild West Guns
Developer: Gameloft
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wild west guns iphoneLadies and gentlemen, Gameloft has delivered another extraordinary iPhone game yet again. Wild West Guns is a rail shooter similar to what you may have seen in the arcade scene back in the early nineties. Wild West Guns takes it back to the good ol’ days where anybody could pick up a game and intuitively know what to do. In Wild West Guns case, it’s all about pulling the proverbial trigger, western style!

The mayhem in Wild West Guns occurs in a western environment and the premise is simple to grasp. Throughout the game’s challenges (levels), there are objectives to achieve to successfully complete the challenge. Objectives range from killing bad guys, revolving targets and devious creatures causing trouble. When you see something you need to shoot, you tap it, and it’s shot. Your standard weapon is a revolver, but tapping on icons resembling shotgun and machine gun ammo upgrades your weapon temporarily (with cool vibration effects conveying the power upgrade). Controls are spot-on, so any missed opportunities can't be blamed on Wild West Guns itself.

As you kill things, points are awarded. Multipliers are given when you chain successful shots together which is very important. You have to cross certain point thresholds before new challenges open up, so those multipliers are essential.

Not only does Wild West Guns play a great game, it’s easily one of the most impressively executed games out there. The goofy graphics are absolutely gorgeous highlighted by a mixture both 2D backgrounds and 3D modeled objects and effects sprinkled in. Bullets and chaos going on in the environments sound satisfying and the score for the levels are top notch. If there are anymore nonbelievers in what the iPhone is capable of, a demonstration of Wild West Guns should be the closing argument. This game looks so good, I would be shocked if it isn’t featured in an Apple commercial in the near future.

Most rail shooters are notorious for a lack of depth, but Wild West Guns bucks that trend. The five modes —Normal, Hard, Survivor, Reload, and Sniper — in the game provide good replay value. All modes aren’t available from the get go though, you unlock new modes from completing open ones. The difficulty level goes up too, so Wild West Guns keeps pace with your growing proficiency from playing it.

Wild West Guns is my favorite game on the iPhone. It is the complete package that will inevitably be a time sucker of mine for many weeks to come. The quality of this title is on par with some other excellent 10 dollar games I’ve seen on the App Store, but it’s only 5 dollars. There is no decision to make, this game is a 10 that deserves your 5!

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  • http://www.ethervision.net/blog/ Randall

    Wow! A 10 out of 10. I know Appcraver does not give the perfect score out lightly. I'll have to pick this one up.