It's Not A Stick Up, It's Wild West Pinball

Wild West Pinball - Machine for angry oregon cowboys armed with flippers and revolvers! (AppStore Link)
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Wild West Pinball - Machine for angry oregon cowboys armed with flippers and revolvers!
Developer: OOO Gameprom
Price: free Download on the App Store

* Update: As noted in the comments below, Wild West Pinball is no longer free. The limited time promotion is over.

wild-west-pinball-iphone-appIn anticipation of their latest pinball game launch, OOO Gameprom has made Wild West Pinball available for free for a limited time. Wild West Pinball is a video pinball game with a western-theme table. Anyone would be hard pressed to complain about a free game and a free pinball game is all the better.

Since so many “free” apps are either condensed “trial” versions of full games, pointless utilities, or shameless plugs for other products, it’s always nice to find a free game you can actually play the full version of. Wild West Pinball is not only a full pinball game, but has smooth game play and live online scoring updates.

Overall, Wild West Pinball replicates the physics of pinball decently. Though I personally don’t like the camera action, I’m sure there’s those that will. In case you're wondering, the camera follows the ball and zooms in and out, sometimes at inopportune moments.

Still,  smooth as the game play is and responsive as the touch screen flippers are, I didn’t find Wild West Pinball to be that exciting. The table is appropriately themed for the title and replicates a true pinball game, but there’s not that much to it – basically a few bells and whistles and a random opportunity or two for quick scoring boosts.

My biggest gripe with Wild West Pinball is the sound effects, which while chosen appropriately, come off sounding weak. The bells remind me less of a pinball game and more of the bicycle bell I had on my bike as a kid.

Regardless of its weak points, Wild West Pinball is not the worst video pinball game out there by any means. It’s also not the best. My personal favorite thus far for iPhone is Monster Pinball. However, given that you can get Wild West Pinball for free, this alone makes it a considerably better value. Though I feel for those who already paid a buck for it, giving Wild West Pinball away is a potentially good way for the developer’s to build a new following. Not yet sure what to expect from OOO Gameprom’s up-and-coming pinball game, The Deep Pinball, but in the mean time pinball fans can have a quick bit of good handling pinball with no investment necessary.

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  • Ron

    Is not free anymore on Itunes !!!!

  • Bill

    It's NOT free anymore.