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Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience (AppStore Link)
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Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience
Developer: Bottle Rocket
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

wings flight experienceIf you are looking to kick back and take a casual flight with your iPhone (and who isn't?) then Wings - Filght Experience is your app. You can glide or float through different weather patterns and maneuver your iPlane through the air.

Wings is designed to give you the chance to take a leisurely cruise. So leisurely that you can't even crash, no matter how hard you try and ram yourself to the earth (yes, I spent considerable time trying this out). You have the choice of flying above a mountain range during each of the four seasons — fall, winter, spring or summer. The sky has a patchwork of white clouds to give it an additional sense of realism. The three-dimensional color scheme in Wings is nice, giving all the backgrounds a distinct amount of life. The snow-covered mountains during the winter were especially impressive.

With Wings you also have two choices for what type of flight you want: floating or flying. When you float you are mainly restricted to horizontal movements as your plane drifts at a consistent altitude. Flight mode offers more of a challenge, as you can tilt your plane toward or away from the Earth as well as to the sides.

Wings is a fun app, as it's pretty easy to maneuver the plane through the air. You can even loop-the-loop and crank out some pretty sharp turns during flight. But this game is probably more for aerial buffs, as the novelty wears off after a while. Pretty soon I found myself hoping for enemy fighters or surface-to-air missiles to give me an additional challenge.

It's not hard to imagine that Wings or ones similar to it could really make strong use of the iPhone's accelerometer. It may not bring about the complexity of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but throw in a control panel, some different environments, and inclement weather and you have a full-fledged aerial challenge.

Wings - Flight Experience, complete with its relaxing elevator music, is designed to give you a laid-back aerial experience. It does well to achieve this goal. Whether you find it worth it to board the same flight over and over is a matter of personal opinion.

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  • rxCaptain

    float mode is pretty relaxing to watch

  • Brian.Kappa090

    Why cant you crash in this game? I want to see some explosions.

  • DexMex77892

    I was also looking for enemy planes to appear the whole time too. That would've been sweet

  • jeff

    I think the program is ok, but it would have been a lot more fun back in the '60s.