Is That the WiPix iPhone App I Smell?


wipix iphoneI really tried hard to find something worthwhile to write about Samposoft's WiPix picture-viewing program, but in the end, I figured that I'd better get right to it and not waste anyone's time.

Go to Samposoft, set up an account, upload your pictures of the new baby using your PC or Mac. Then, anytime you want to show someone pics of the new kiddie, find a wi-fi connection (it won't work otherwise), go back to and bring up your photo album. That's the theory anyway. I couldn't get it to work.

In fact, WiPix is not even mentioned on Samposoft's Web site. Click on the iPhone link on the site and two iPhone apps come up, and neither one is WiPix.

One is "WiFon"seems to be some kind of GPS-related app and the other is "iPolaroid" with is supposedly new and available on the App Store. I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think Polaroid would be happy about having it's name attached to an app that supposedly allows you to use you PC or Mac to view photos on your iPhone.

What a disaster! Perhaps this is why WiPix still hasn't garnered a single review after more than a week in the App Store.

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  • SeanBMW2001

    How is this not mentioned on their own website? Whats the reasoning here?

  • JoshPratt79

    This app got a 1 out of ten and it still isn't free???? In my country they call that a 'rip'.

  • MelissaHop3367

    This app didn't work for me. Anyone else buy one of these lemon apps?

  • MelissaHop3367

    I bought this app and it didn't work. Anyone else buy this piece of wood bucket app?

  • Derek Moore

    This app didn't work on my phone. Did anyone else get lemoned?

  • Ebo

    Um... why not just put the pics on your phone and show them that way? Seems like a rather pointless app to me..

  • JoshPratt79

    Thats what i was sayin

  • str

    You probably do not understand what WiPix is for:
    WiPix let you access the photo stored ON the iPhone from any machine connected to the same WiFi network using a standard browser, like a sort of remote access to your photo folder via Web.
    The app just works and do what it says.

  • Ebo

    @ str - Thanks for the explanation - You are correct in that I did not understand what the app was for. It's an interesting concept and I suppose there are situations where that would be useful.

  • str

    My pleasure.
    Just for completeness: the URL where to point the browser is visible on the main screen when the application is started.