Wise Guide Wrigley Field Takes You Out to the Ball Game the Right Way

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wrigley-field-iphonep-appThe makers of the Wise Guide Fan Navigator series and the companion site WiseGuidesOnline.com, are expanding the fandemonium by bringing more fan trivia and "locals only" tidbits to MLB stadiums nationwide. ... starting with Wrigley Field.

Wise Guide Wrigley Field is a take-along app for any one visiting the Cubs home stadium in Chicago, which isn't to say that home-viewers won't enjoy it as well. The guide includes three sections — tips, trivia, eat & drink — and is great for pre-game entertainment or keeping antsy kids occupied if the games goes into extra innings.

The tips section is a general guide to Wrigley Field where users will find information about Harry Carey (and his statue), the source of the curse of the cubs (and what they've tried doing to end the curse), bathroom tips, where to wait for autographs and more. There are more than 40 tidbits in all.

The WG Wrigley Field trivia section is actually more of a quiz game with multiple choice answers. You can keep guessing until you get the answer right, which is a nice touch as are the cheering fans. However, there's no way to turn down the fans without turning down your device, so don't plan on sneaking in a quick Wrigley Field trivia quiz during Monday morning's boring meeting.

The last section of the Wrigley Field iPhone app is Eat & Drink and it goes beyond The Friendly Confines. This section includes cafes, diners and bars in and around Wrigley Field. So you're covered regardless of whether you want to eat before the game, after the game or throughout the game.

The nice thing about Wise Guide Wrigley Field, besides the graphics and general ease-of-use, is that it's not just a quick repackage of old material. The app is truly a companion to the wise guides website. And, if you like the guide and visit Wrigley Field use the tab on the app to "share a tip" so that future visitors can benefit from your experience and wisdom.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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