Woffo Is a Smarter, Harder, Twistier Word Puzzler

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woffo-word-iphone-appDeveloper Obo Games says its app Woffo has "more smarts than Crosswords, harder strategy than Scrabble and more twists than Boggle." Trust me, it’s true.

Woffo is easily one of the more challenging word puzzlers that I’ve come across. Lately, I’ve been playing Scramble2 quite a bit, but Woffo has just displaced it. Thankfully, unlike Scramble2, there’s no clock in Woffo to keep a wary eye on. Take all the time you need ( and you’re going to need it) to fill in the blanks.

You start with 64 tiles on which you’ll use to build 3, 4 and 5-letter words horizontally and vertically at the same time. The main board has 18 squares that you must fill with tiles from your stash.

The game has three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy is the default, thank goodness, because that’s where I’ll be spending most of my time until I really get the hang of scooping up major points.

One of your first strategies will be to build words horizontally and vertically through the “golden square” that appears randomly within the first 10 tiles you play. That’s worth 200 bonus points.

Each game has three to five wildcards; not all of them help; a few of them can hurt your game play.

Build four horizontal words or four vertical words and you’ll get a Woffo. Do them both at the same time and you’ll get a Super Woffo, an accomplishment so amazing, the company says, it will post a picture on its site for the world to see.

Like many game and other apps these days, you can post your scores to Facebook and Twitter. You also have the option of listening to your own music.

One helpful feature of Woffo: In addition to a comprehensive help section, there’s a tutorial on YouTube that you can access from the app:


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  • http://praveenmatanam.wordpress.com/ praveenmatanam

    Wow! i made Super Woffo twice. Challenging game. Thanks Obo Games.

  • crazeeapper

    Woffo is a challenge but yet very addicting. 5 stars!!