Womby is a Fun, Whimsical Word Challenge

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

WombyWhen you enjoy word games, it’s refreshing to find a different game style that defies the standard. Womby is a game for iPhone and iPad that offers the challenging elements of a good word game and shakes them up a bit by presenting them in a not-so-typical way. Womby is a fast letter race to make as many words as possible before running out of time. Feel the pressure of the timer by hearing it count down faster and faster and put a bit of time back on the clock by making bigger and better word combos. How high you score is a matter of how well you can perform under pressure.

Womby has a basic five by five letter grid, but unlike some games where players select and tap letters in a Boggle-like way to form words, Womby requires players to slide the vertical and horizontal rows of letter tiles into the formation of words, which you then tap to submit and score. It’s as simple as that, but it takes some getting used to – and you’re under pressure to do it because even though you can’t see how much time you have, you can tell from the speed of the timer that you’re running out.

Finding letters to make words isn’t the greatest challenge with Womby—it’s almost secondary to the actual rearrangement of the letter tiles to form the words. Unlike Bookworm and similar games, the tiles aren’t static and rearranging them into the order you need them takes time and a bit of thought. This would be a much easier task were it not for the timed element, which kicks the mental workout up a notch. You can score combo points if you spell more than one word without rearranging the tiles and if you get completely stuck, you can always ask for a hint or spin the tiles to shuffle.

Womby players can post their high scores to Facebook to compete against their friends’ high scores or can sign into Game Center as well. Even if you elect to refrain from social competition, Womby keeps track of your personal best to compete against your own high score.

The visual design of Womby is a mix of casual animation and cartoon charm. All in all, Womby is an all-around great word game and a solid value for the price. The combination of different elements makes it a fun challenge for wordsmiths who are tired of the same old thing.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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