Wooble Attack is a Cute Whack-a-Mole Game With an Extra Colorful Challenge

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Wooble Attack
Developer: Local Wisdom, Inc
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Wooble Attack for iOS 2

Wooble Attack is a good old fashioned whack-a-mole game that puts a unique spin on the classic arcade game. It is a welcomed departure from the new generation of games that are fast paced and difficult to play — it’s also a great way to introduce your kids to a classic, yet still entertaining, game.

The app is based on the whack-a-mole game that requires you to hit moles, or in this case, Woobles (cute one-eyed monsters) as they pop up onto your screen. Wooble Attack differs from the classic take on the game in that you must hit Woobles in groups of the same color.

I played Wooble Attack with my 18-month-old daughter and she absolutely loved the game. She is still too young to play the game on her own, but I put her on my lap and helped her swipe at the Woobles, and she couldn't get enough of the highly-addictive game. I tried to stop playing Wooble Attack a couple of times and she simply wouldn't let me. Eventually, I had to hand her over to my wife so she could continue to play the game.

Wooble Attack has three different modes Survival, Timed and Standard. Each mode offers a different objective, from trying to beat the clock to getting the highest possible score. The game also offers eight power-ups, such as extra coins or time on the clock.

With rich, vibrant graphics, Wooble Attack looks great on the iPad and offers a new experience every time you play. The game is also available on smaller iOS devices if want to play on the go, but I would recommend the larger screen to truly get the most out of the Wooble Attack experience.

The app is simple to use and provides loads of fun. It is also addicting for adults. As I mentioned earlier, I had my wife continue to play the game with my daughter and after about five minutes I noticed that she had completely taken over the game while my daughter sat and watched, just as engaged as if she were playing the game herself.

Wooble Attack is a great iOS game to have on your iPad or iPhone and, as a free download, gives the user a great gaming experience. Overall I would highly recommend Wooble Attack for children and adults alike — just make sure that your wife doesn't hog the game.

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