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Word Cracker
Developer: EOZ GAMES LLC
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Word CrackerIf you enjoy word games but have grown weary of jumbled word and anagram games, then Word Cracker may be the game for you. Instead of rearranging letters or making multiple words out of the same group of letters, Word Cracker presents words a bit differently. With each word given, only the consonants are provided – you fill in the vowels to complete the word. It sounds easy, but some words are tricky to make out without the vowels. Word Cracker challenges players word recognition and spelling skills and offers two modes of play – both with a few variations.

Players can choose to play timed or infinite games and play either alone or compete against a friend for the highest score. Three difficulty levels are included – easy, hard or random – to adjust gameplay to varying skill levels. All five vowels (Y is not one in this case) are always available and players drag the selected vowel into position in the word and tap submit when the word is believed to be correct. You score points based on the difficulty of the word and lose points when you pass on a word.

Word Cracker does present a slightly different way to play a word game. In that regard, it gets points for being unique. It also fortunately recognizes that in some instances, more than one word can be created depending on the vowel you spell it with and thus, accepts all correctly spelled versions of words. Players can choose to display the consonant-only portion of the word with or without dashes, which when enabled, indicate where in the word the vowels go – kind of like hangman. Playing without the dashes provides a bit more challenge. So all things considered, Word Cracker can definitely be adjusted to a pretty varied skill level.

Even though the concept of Word Cracker is different from many word games in a way that makes it a new and fun challenge, the interface doesn’t help you fall immediately in love. It’s a bit clunky what with the dragging and dropping, especially playing without the dashes because you have to squeeze the vowels in between the letters and though the touchscreen responsiveness is adequate, there’s just a clumsy feel about it. Fortunately, you do get used to it after a couple of rounds.

For word game fans, Word Cracker is intriguing. The head-to-head mode against a friend isn’t really special since you could just take turns playing to beat the high score anyway, but at least it encourages sharing. I don’t feel confident about its price point as it plays like a .99 game and hasn’t much depth aside from the uniqueness of cracking the consonant only code. Nonetheless, Word Cracker remains a decent word game that might not make the list of favorites, but still holds strong appeal for wordies.

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