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Word Flow
Developer: Jonathan Oron
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The new app Word Flow by first-time iPhone app developer 3VGames plays like a new version of Scrabble designed for the iPhone platform.

Word Flow is easy to pick up, and challenging once you get into it. The player has to slide the different rows of letters either vertically or horizontally in order to form as many words in as little time possible. The longer the word, the higher the score, which releases gold letters, which release bonus points when used within a new word. Like Scrabble the point system for different letters varies and the less frequent the letter, the more points you get.

The Word Flow game has three different play modes — 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 10 minutes — allowing for different time commitments. The age rating of 4 years + is a little misguiding since I doubt that there are many four year-olds out there that can play Word Flow and stay interested for more than a minute. But for teenagers and adults who are into this sort of thing, Word Flow is very addictive and can get truly challenging.

The touch-based interface and the game's animation work well and the graphics are well designed and suitable to the Word Flow's theme. Overall Word Flow is a simple but challenging word game that allows you to test yourself on your vocabulary skills in a game that feels like trying to master a good cross word puzzle or a good round of Scrabble.

A good debut app from 3VGames.

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