With Word Lubbers for iPhone, Spelling is the Only Defense

Word Lubbers - The action packed word game with pirates! (AppStore Link)
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Word Lubbers - The action packed word game with pirates!
Developer: Accio
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Word Lubbers Ahoy, word game fans! Word Lubbers by Accio has landed in the App Store and packs quite a word-forming punch. A pirate themed word game with a bit of action to boot, Word Lubbers spells big fun for wordsmiths. If the concept of an action-packed word game is intriguing, this iPhone app is worth looking in to. With three modes of play, including a Game Center supported co-op mode, Word Lubbers offers numerous variable twists compared to typical word games.

Word Lubbers challenges players to hold the wall against attacking pirate ships by spelling words that reinforce their wall and spelling more words to sink the incoming ships. With spelling as your only defense, the longer a word is the better its use. Five or more-letter words provide the strongest wall reinforcement and the most offensive damage. Though based on traditional word-forming gameplay, the added element of survival spelling makes Word Lubbers unique, challenging and rewarding.

Players can choose between three modes of Word Lubbers play – Survival, Challenge and Team Co-op. Survival mode challenges players to build their offensive and defensive words and survive as long as possible. Challenge mode features five different types of challenges that present unique parameters for word building such as no letter E tiles, an abundance of J, K, Q, V, X and Z tiles, or only permitting a word to be spelled once in a game. Team Co-op mode requires a Game Center account, but allows for multi-player co-op. Word Lubbers keeps a running track of the number of words spelled, average length and longest words.

Word Lubbers is anything but a casual word building game and in fact requires a fair amount of fast thinking and fast fingering to meet objectives. As more and more ships sail into range, both the offensive and defensive maneuvers need to be stepped up. Starting a word requires players to drag the first tile into place, but subsequent letters can be added or removed with a tap. Switching between offensive and defensive word mode is not difficult, but takes a few tries to become comfortably easy. Even though the concept of an action word game is unique in itself, the inclusion of a challenge mode with unique game-changing variables helps add interest and replay value.

Word Lubbers Game Trailer

Word Lubbers debuted with a $3.99 price tag – a cost slightly higher than the average word game. The fact that a unique combative word game was created with three different ways to play may justify the retail price, but more wordsmiths would get in on the fun if it were offered at half price. Still, Word Lubbers remains a fast-paced, action-laden word game that is enjoyable and creative. Read more about Word Lubbers and view the promotional video at the Accio website.

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