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Word Soup®
Developer: Fuzzy Bug Interactive Limited
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Word SoupWhat’s better than alphabet soup? Word Soup of course – the app that combines the challenge of a word search with fun, somewhat tactical elements like sliding tiles and bonus letters. Word Soup is a word challenge game with three modes of play to match your mood.

Choose to play a simple, relaxed game with no time limit and no real rules or challenge yourself to keep the game going in Brain Game mode where the longer the words, the longer you play. Players can also play a timed version where you try to beat the highest score in the time allotted. Whatever you mode you play, if you’re a fan of the word game genre, Word Soup serves up a satisfying serving.

Word Soup features a 9 x 12 grid of letter tiles. To play, simply make a word (minimum of 3 letters) by tapping on adjoining tiles to spell it out. Letters can be on all four sides of one another as well as diagonal. Submit each word by tapping the screen upon complete spelling. 

In Relaxed and Timed modes, the tiles you use will disappear from the grid, freeing up the top row (or rows) of letters to slide left to right. This increases the possibilities as the tiles can be joined with letters from both sides of the screen. In Brain Game mode, however, players must spell words, earn points to advance levels and then can recover some of the letter tiles used based on the length of the words spelled. In all cases, the primary goal is to score the highest point value score possible.

Due to the various elements in Word Soup that extend beyond a traditional word search game, it has measurable appeal. While the general premise of such games is to find and make words, and that doesn’t really change, Word Soup at least offers different ways to play. The letters are color coded and each represents different point values. The least common letters (Z and Q for example) are used as time boosts in the Timed game mode. There are also options of requesting a hint or shuffling the tiles on the letter board. In Timed mode, you’ll play until the timer runs out, but in Relaxed and Brain Game modes, you will play until there are no more possible words to make.

If you like word searches and similar word games, then Word Soup is definitely satisfying. It may not be ground breaking , it has no gimmicks, hooks or in app purchases, but there’s a touch of uniqueness that works well with its familiar premise – leaving word game fans ultimately content.

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